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Franca’s is an Italian takeaway based in Bolton. With over 40 years of professional cooking experience it remains one of the most popular independent Italian takeaways in the North West. The establishment has become a Bolton institution and the owners felt it was time to create a website that reflected the sheer quality of the fare on offer at Franca’s.

Franca’s approached Bring Digital in June 2014 to help them create a brand new website which more effectively showcased the quality of the authentic, homemade food on offer at their takeaway. The brief given to Bring Digital’s website design and development team was to use high-resolution imagery of Franca’s food, and also to ensure that the takeaway’s rich history and tradition was communicated to visitors to the website.


To create a website which fitted the brief given by Franca’s, the team at Bring Digital decided that strong photography and full-width images would be utilised to really showcase the authenticity of the food on offer at Franca’s. The team also decided to create a “parallax scrolling” website, which is one continuous page. However, to ensure easy navigation for the user, a sticky bar was included at the bottom of the page so the different food categories could be switched back to quickly. Ultimately website design is all about the user, so throughout the design, the Bring team constantly tested the website to ensure it was easy to navigate around.

In addition, to get across the tradition and authenticity of Franca’s takeaway, a “Franca’s story” section was included with an interactive book, which allows users to turn each page to learn more about the history of the takeaway. Finally, the Web Design and Development team at Bring Digital worked alongside the SEO team every step of the way to ensure the new Franca’s website was given all the technical structure needed to ensure it performed well in Google’s organic search rankings.

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