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“We were so impressed with the work that Bring did on our new website that we were keen to maintain our relationship with them, which is why we’ve now entered into an SEO and PPC contract with them. We’re confident that having built us a beautiful site that really gets our brand message across, Bring will be more than capable of driving traffic to our site and raising awareness of our brand.”

Rebecca Kane, Silver Mushroom.

Silver Mushroom is an up-and-coming retail business that specialises in quality kitchenware. In its short history, the brand has already earned itself a reputation for providing a vast array of trendy kitchen products. Silver Mushroom needed a website that reflected the company’s slick, modern image and high-standard goods.

It was vital that Silver Mushroom had a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but easy to use as well. With so many different products to sell – from rustic SteakStones serving plates to cute Kilner jars – the brand had to come up with a way to make it simple for customers to find the items they were looking for. Aside from creating an attractive and efficient ecommerce platform, Silver Mushroom also needed to ensure the site was performing well in Google’s search engine rankings.


Before Bring’s Design & Development team got started on the website, it was imperative that they fully understood Silver Mushroom’s brand identity and the message that they were trying to get across. It was clear that the company had built up a strong brand image in order to differentiate itself from competitors in the same field. This simply had to be reflected throughout the entire website.

It was also crucial that the quality of the products shone through, which meant we placed a strong emphasis on high-quality imagery. We also ensured the website was clearly categorised, so that all of the items were presented in a logical, user-friendly manner. Bring wanted to show off the high-profile brands that Silver Mushroom works with, too.
As with any ecommerce platform, it’s vital that the user journey is as streamlined as possible. Customers can easily go elsewhere if they feel the buying process is too complex. To ensure this didn’t happen, Bring minimised the number of steps required to make a purchase, allowing customers to add multiple items to their cart before making a quick, simple payment. As standard, our Design & Development team worked closely with the SEO team to ensure the site was search engine-friendly as it was being built.

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