Our Approach

PPC is a fully accountable channel that is unrivalled in its measurability. You know exactly how much return you’re getting on your investment.

Paid search is forever changing, which is why it’s a good idea to work with an expert PPC agency. From the pre-launch stage – where we build a strategy, conduct keyword research and suggest ad copy – right the way through to weekly reporting and optimisation of accounts, we ensure that you are kept in the loop at all times. As with all of our services, our PPC team are fully accountable, transparent and treat your paid search budget as if it is their own. By working with a specialist AdWords management company like us, you can make sure that every penny of your PPC spend counts.


Increase In
Sign Ups

“Bring Digital’s approach has been a real breath of fresh air for our business. More than any other digital marketing agency we have previously worked with, Bring Digital have taken time to understand DW Fitness Clubs’ commercial goals."

DW Fitness Clubs



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Search Traffic

"We've been impressed by Bring Digital's commercial awareness and focus on our business goals. The team at Bring are great to work with and always come with plenty of ideas regarding how we can improve our organic and paid search performance."

Love Energy Savings



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Total traffic

"Bring Digital have a very straightforward approach to strategy which is to understand and define the core need. They also have the talent and energy to make a significant difference to our online business."

Graham & Brown



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Client & Candidate

“Bring Digital have been a real find for "Forward Role. Both in my capacity as a digital recruiter and a marketer, I’ve not met such a technically impressive, creative and diligent team."

Forward Role Recruitment


PPC Text Ads

Text Ads are the bread and butter of any PPC account. We bid on keywords in order to achieve optimum returns on our spend and we build a strategy to ensure your commercial targets are hit.

Bid Management

It’s important to constantly monitor and adapt your keyword bids to maximise your ROI, but if you've got hundreds or thousands of product lines, it’s impossible to manually revise your bids day-to-day. That’s where our strong bid management system comes into play. Our systems will automatically reposition your ads according to competitor movements, price or availability, meaning you get the most effective PPC and the greatest ROI.

Google Shopping Ads

Competition online customers is becoming increasingly intense and it’s up to individual businesses to be proactive and grab people's attention. That’s why Product Listing Ads are so important. We create vibrant adverts that provide enriched product descriptions. By supplementing your product’s image with details of current promotions, we ensure you stand out from the crowd.


Ever been surprised by an ad popping up on your web browser for a product you've been looking at previously? That’s no coincidence - it’s remarketing. As a business, this allows you to target customers you know have already been on your site, to offer them services you know they're interested in. It’s direct marketing at its best, and we can make it work for you.

Display Advertising

We're accustomed to seeing adverts on the high street, bus stops, billboards and so on. Display advertising is the same principle, but online. Our designers create attention-grabbing adverts, which we then strategically display on websites that are relevant to your business. We do this by targeting those sites used by your customers, or websites in your industry.

Analytics & Reporting

We send a weekly report to our clients, which focuses on metrics that are clear and make sense. Again, we steer well clear of unnecessary industry jargon. We appreciate that our clients’ knowledge of how PPC works is varied, so we speak in simple terms and explain the techniques that we’ll use to optimise the accounts.

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