Our Approach

Many businesses are still unsure about the benefits of using specialised SEO services, as the concept of online search has been shrouded in mystery for a long time. The way we see it, there’s no need for all of the cloak and dagger stuff – SEO is simple and anyone can do it.

Through a combination of creative content marketing, digital PR and technical SEO, we ensure that your website is truly user friendly and genuinely engaging to potential visitors. There’s no secret winning formula that we are desperate to keep to ourselves; we’re more than happy to explain every single move that we make so that you can better understand how SEO and digital marketing work.


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Sign ups

“Bring Digital’s approach has been a real breath of fresh air for our business. More than any other digital marketing agency we have previously worked with, Bring Digital have taken time to understand DW Fitness Clubs’ commercial goals."

DW Fitness Clubs



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Search Traffic

"We've been impressed by Bring Digital's commercial awareness and focus on our business goals. The team at Bring are great to work with and always come with plenty of ideas regarding how we can improve our organic and paid search performance."

Love Energy Savings



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Total Search

"Bring Digital have a very straightforward approach to strategy which is to understand and define the core need. They also have the talent and energy to make a significant difference to our online business."

Graham & Brown



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Client & Candidate

“Bring Digital have been a real find for "Forward Role. Both in my capacity as a digital recruiter and a marketer, I’ve not met such a technically impressive, creative and diligent team."

Forward Role Recruitment


Technical SEO

Contrary to popular belief, technical SEO is not dead. While it's true that Google has evolved in a way that benefits brands that consistently produce useful and entertaining content, you must still make sure that your website is well optimised and user friendly. Carefully checking that keywords and Meta data are being used effectively on landing pages, and that your website provides a seamless user journey, is still of the utmost importance.

Analytics & Reporting

Many brands trip up because they can't accurately measure how much value for money they are getting from their SEO efforts. At Bring Digital, we've honed our reporting system, which means you will receive a detailed monthly breakdown of what we've done, explaining exactly where your money has been spent and what kind of results this has had. Again, we avoid fluff at all costs, and we always explain how our strategy is aimed at helping you to achieve your commercial goals.

Local Search

A big development in the past year or so, Google's dedication towards improving local search has opened up new doors for smaller businesses that have long struggled to compete in the digital world. We take local search very seriously, ensuring that your website is set up to appear in search results for your local area. Now, depending on where a search query is made, Bob's Carpets of Bolton, for example, can appear before major national or international brands that might not have a store in the vicinity of the person who is conducting the search.

Content Marketing

Consumers can spot promotional material a mile off, so brands need to offer something different in order to get their voice heard and drive traffic towards their websites. People want to read interesting, useful and/or entertaining content that adequately answers the questions they are asking. Our specialist content marketing team will get to know your target audience like the back of their hand and they also know how to create content that these people actually want to read and share.

Digital PR

Obtaining links to your website still counts towards your overall search engine ranking, but old-fashioned link building is likely to do more harm than good. While those businesses that still pay for links are putting themselves in line for a Google penalty, our Digital PR team are busy running targeted campaigns that raise awareness of your brand. In doing so, not only are they exposing your brand to relevant people - i.e. potential customers - they're also producing engaging content that will naturally attract higher quality links in an organic way.

International SEO

We’ve already established that we know our onions when it comes to local search, but we’re equally adept at international SEO, too. After all, there’s a wide world outside of Bolton! Much will depend on your brand’s commercial goals, so if you’ve identified particularly strong markets for your products and services outside the UK, our SEO experts will ensure your website gains maximum visibility in these key areas.

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