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Search Engine Optimisation is changing.

The days of digital marketing agencies trying to ‘game’ Google are over. Instead, businesses large and small are beginning to understand the importance of sustainable visibility, good SEO practice and web content that’s relevant and valuable to real customers – not just algorithms.

Over the last decade a carousel of dodgy SEO techniques have come and gone. Each one left behind a trail of dissatisfied customers, many of which saw their visibility wiped out following a search engine update.

A few agencies still sadly peddle the same snake oil, but Bring Digital is pioneering a new wave of no-nonsense, ethical, SEO services.

We believe SEO is simple, doesn’t need to verge into ‘grey hat’ areas, and can be grasped within an afternoon. More importantly, we believe the key to any effective campaign is avoiding the quick (and temporary) fix and embracing the long term. SEO will be integral to your online business for years to come; it’s time to start investing in that future.

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Keeping you informed.

A happy customer is a well-informed one. Despite what some agencies will have you believe, SEO is far from rocket science. We ensure you and your team know exactly what goes into your campaign and how it’s helping your business grow.

Results driven.

We are 100% focused on your ROI. Our solutions are tried and tested. They work because we stick to the rules. You won’t find quick fixes here, but you will get results..

No false promises, no jargon.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep and we won’t hide behind reams of jargon. Our goal is to demystify SEO, so you know exactly where you stand.

Seo Client Statistics

Our clients earn over £3.5 million a month from seo sales
The search engines send our clients over 4 million visitors a month

SINCE 2012

We generate over 4,000 leads for our clients each month
Our SEO team has a combined 16 years specialist experience



If a website is the shop window of the 21st Century, then Google is the busiest high street in the world. Google processes over 5 billion searches a day, and amongst the bored workers looking for cat videos are potential customers, looking to find a business just like yours.

Organic search can be one of the most effective and efficient marketing channels available, providing a high volume of sales and leads at a much lower cost-per-acquisition than paid channels.

Local Seo.

Google loves serving up local search results. It makes sense; if you type in ‘Plumber’ you don’t want to be shown tradesman from the other side of the country.

If you deliver your product or service in your local area, then you can specifically target this valuable opportunity. The great thing about local search results; they enable you to present your website alongside your address, telephone number and real customer reviews.

International Seo.

The Internet has made the world a smaller place, and it’s now possible for small businesses to sell their products or services internationally. Competition in the global marketplace brings its own challenges, especially when it comes to marketing across multiple languages.

This is a challenge we thrive on, and we’re proud to work with companies that have customers from Blackburn to Bangkok.

Integrated Social Media.

Social media is taking over the world, and its influence within the SEO algorithms is growing. We believe that social shares can become the links of the modern era, and whilst they are still a long way off replacing links in Google’s algorithm they will have an increasingly large part to play in an integrated SEO strategy.

Customers and influencers are talking about your product or service on social media, and we believe it should be you who’s leading that conversation.

Link building.

Love it or hate it, Google still heavily bases its algorithm around the quality of links pointing at a site. Luckily, the days of spammy SEO agencies playing cat and mouse with search engines are coming to an end.

Google is starting to live up to its word that companies earning high-quality links will prevail in the search results. As a sustainable and ethical agency, this puts a huge smile on our face. We can help you build an effective and long-term strategy that will earn high-quality and relevant links to your site.

Content strategy.

To say Google likes great content is an understatement. In today’s battle for the eyes of a growing online customer base, good-quality, relevant and engaging content marks you out from the crowd both in the eyes of search engines and your customers.

This is fantastic news for business owners, as creating an ongoing content strategy is a creative and cost effective way to impress customers, drive search engine visibility and increase sales. We have a wealth of experience in building creative and effective content strategies for businesses across a range of industries.

Content marketing.

You’ll often find the public faces of Google suggesting the best way to increase your rankings is to create great content and wait for the search engines to find you. In reality, great content needs to be seeded around the web in order to attract the attention of industry influencers and potential brand advocates.

We believe that a solid content marketing is the most sustainable and effective way of developing your online brand, and we would be eager to show you how we can make it work for your business.

“We've worked with many digital agencies, most of which promised the earth and never delivered. Meeting Bring Digital was a breath of fresh air, they understood the commercial aims of my business but more importantly they over-delivered on all their promises.”
Matt Tomkin, MD Vo2 Sportswear
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