Our Approach

Your website should act as your best salesperson, so it should be as slick, professional and eye catching as possible. Many brands don’t have this expertise in-house, which is why it pays to work with a specialist web development company.

At Bring Digital, not only do we design and develop websites that are attractive and easy to use, we also ensure they are visible – after all, what’s the point in having a fantastic website if nobody can find it? By working closely with our SEO team, our designers and developers create and update websites in a way that drives traffic and makes it simple for customers to complete a purchase from any device they wish.

"We’re delighted with the new website and we think Bring have really captured the essence of what the Hancocks brand is all about. One of the biggest difficulties we’ve faced online is doing justice to the beautiful jewellery that we sell, but the functionality of the new website means that customers can see our products in great detail."

Hancocks Jewellers


“We were so impressed with the work that Bring did on our new website that we were keen to maintain our relationship with them, which is why we’ve now entered into an SEO and PPC contract with them. We’re confident that having built us a beautiful site that really gets our brand message across, Bring will be more than capable of driving traffic to our site and raising awareness of our brand.”

Silver Mushroom


Franca's challenged the team at Bring Digital to create a website which effectively showcased the quality and authenticity of the food on offer at the popular takeaway.



BDElite challenged the team at Bring Digital to create a website which promoted the businesses range of add on services. The brand new website also needed to include two dedicated areas for brokers and for BDElite staff to log into and transact sales.



User Experience

It’s great to have all facets of SEO and digital marketing nailed down, but if your website offers a horrible user experience, you're not going to make too many sales. We ensure that people who visit your website have a seamless, enjoyable experience, taking out any unnecessary steps and making things easy for them to find.

Website Design

Whether you're based in Bolton or Baltimore, we appreciate that web design is something that a lot of brands struggle with. This is why we keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. By presenting you with wireframe mockups of how your website is progressing, you can offer feedback at the earliest opportunity.

Website Development

Our developers have an array of skills, which means they are adept at using many different technologies. As such, we're able to offer valuable advice and support to our clients. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and our ability to deal with your queries in an efficient manner.

Printed Design

Our talented designers are not restricted to digital work, they've also got plenty of experience when it comes to printed design. Whether it’s branded leaflets, brochures or banners that you’re looking for, our designers can help you out.


We understand that many of our clients have limited knowledge of the nuances of website development, so we go the extra mile to educate them along the way. When we stage online meetings, you will be able to see what we have done to your website and how these changes will benefit you in the long run. Constant communication is key to the web design services we provide.


By hosting your website, we remove the middle men and ensure that if you have any issues, you can come to us directly, rather than go through a third party. This gives you peace of mind that you'll receive a hassle-free service.

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