How we achieved 393,000 views of PR coverage in a single day

National Orgasm Day is a real thing. Let’s get that out there first.

Ready to read on? Great, because we’re about to tell you how we achieved a pulse-racing 393,000 views of PR coverage to celebrate this one of a kind day. (Which really should be a national holiday, am I right?)

Our client Ann Summers is no stranger to the more racy topics in life… “How to have sex on your period.” “Top tips for women that masturbate” and “The five best selling sex toys in Liverpool” are all press releases we’ve worked on together. Suffice to say, we’ve become quite the open-minded bunch.

So, back to the task in hand, great PR is all about grabbing a journalist’s attention. The skill lies in engineering those eye-catching headlines that stand out in a journalist’s inbox and entice them into looking twice. Because if they look twice, chances are their readers will too, and that makes your PR story interesting to them.

Luckily for us, National Orgasm Day provided us with the kind of stand out stat that journalists’ wet dreams are made of:

“26% of Men have faked an orgasm”

It really is the stuff of fantasies, with all the attributes of a cracking PR story:

• Does it make you look twice?…Yes
• Does it contain factual statistics?…Yes
• Is it new information?…Yes
• Can it be supported with expert comments?…Yes
• Does it provoke an emotional reaction? Yes, Yes Yes!

Needless to say, the pick up of this story was huge, published by the likes of The Sun, OK!, The Huffington Post, UniLad, and The Daily Star, and generating an estimated 393,000 views of coverage and almost 2,000 social shares.

So, next time you’re developing a PR campaign, put yourself in the mind of a journalist and remember those stand out stats.

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