Superheroes have taken over the world. Everywhere you look there’s a cape or a mask of some kind flying by in a blur of colour. So often these super humans work alone, brooding on their powers and responsibilities and taking the world on their shoulders. And while the superheroes on their own do have their merits, the real magic happens when a group of great people come together and work as a team.

That’s what we’ve tried to do here at Bring Digital; we have taken the most talented people, all of whom are extremely good at what they do, and brought them together as one big team. We have assembled a formidable group of marketers. But who are these incredible superheroes, and just how are they able to save the (marketing) world from all of its evils (bad SEO and misuse of commas)? In honour of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, arguably the most highly anticipated movie of 2015, I am going to take you on a guided tour of the characters on the Bring Digital teams and show you just how super they are.

The Strategy Team – aka Nick Fury

Every group of superheroes has to have that one person who oversees it all, who tells the rest of them how to handle the enemy and go about their daily superhero-ing. In The Avengers, that guy is Nick Fury. You know the one, scary-looking with an eye patch. In the world of marketing and Bring Digital, those guys are the strategy team although sadly, they are all devoid of eye patches. The Strategy team keep everyone else united under one common goal: to go above and beyond for every single one of our clients. Like Nick Fury, the strategy team know everything there is to know about what our clients want, and pass that knowledge on to the rest of the team to ensure they deliver.

The Digital PR Team – aka Captain America

If you’re not clued up on your (fictional) World War II history, let me give you a quick run through. Captain America was the war’s poster boy; a well-kitted-out, muscled-up and immaculately-groomed soldier that led the Americans to victory and looked awesome doing it. This is the role of our incredible Digital PR team here at Bring Digital; they come up with extraordinary ideas and turn our clients into huge super soldiers with all eyes on them, leading them into a victorious future filled with new business.

The Development Team – aka Iron Man

Everyone knows who Iron Man is. No matter who you are or what you are interested in, Iron Man is the one that everyone knows. And why is that? Because of the amazing shiny super suit, of course. To quote Tony Stark directly from the upcoming film: “I make everything look good.” I’m sure, or rather hope, that our Web Design & Development team will be somewhat pleased that I compare them to Iron Man, but this is exactly what they do. It is the role of our Design & Development team to take a website and make it look fantastically shiny, new and impressive to any visitor that comes across it.

The Content Team – aka Thor


There is no denying that the God of Thunder has a way with words. His language is eloquent, flowing, his enunciation is perfect and he always knows the right thing to say, which is why I can confidently compare Thor to Bring Digital’s Content team. In recent years, content writing has become more important than ever. With all of the updates from Google, those hoping to succeed with their websites must now focus on producing top quality, well-written content that everyday people actually want to read. It’s the content team’s job to create beautiful yet powerful pieces that hit the reader over the head with a hammer, strike them with lightning and leave them wanting more.

The Social Team – aka The Hulk


If there is one thing that can be said for certain about The Hulk, it’s that he gets the job done no matter what. Social media has come bursting into our lives in recent years and with hundreds and thousands of tweets being sent every day, it can be difficult to get your business noticed. And that’s where our Social Media team comes in. It is their job to be big, loud, sometimes green, and to draw all of the attention on to them, or in other words, our clients. And sometimes, like The Hulk, our team are limited to certain number of characters, but they don’t mind. “HULK SMASH.”

The SEO Team – aka Black Widow

The perfect spy, Black Widow does all of her work in the background. Unseen yet still having an amazing impact on the outcome of any mission, it is essential that her work is flawlessly done to ensure success and to avoid any disasters. Just like Black Widow, our SEO team are incredibly good at what they do; driving people to your website by working in the background to optimise the keywords for search engines, all the while ensuring that everything is done carefully and that your site’s integrity is protected.

The PPC Team – aka Hawkeye

The ability to shoot arrows on target is a tricky feat, even under normal circumstances. Add a few hundred bad guys and suddenly it becomes near impossible but still, Hawkeye manages to hit his target 100% of the time. And that’s where our PPC team comes in; it is their responsibility to craft campaigns that will hit your target customers every single time. Just like Hawkeye, they have dozens of options in their quiver; designing unique ad campaigns that are entirely suited to your business.

So there you have it: seven awesome superheroes that combine to make one incredible team. No, I’m not talking about The Avengers here. I’m talking about Bring Digital, where our individual teams can work separately but also come together when needed to produce truly amazing results. So whether you’re looking for a little bit of building and beautifying help from Iron Man, or need the stealth and skill of Black Widow, why not get in touch with us today to find out how our superheroes can save the day for you.

Lee Wagstaff