Anyone who has visited the Bring Digital office will have seen our four core values printed on the wall; client delivery, honest communication, striving for expertise and focusing on our clients’ commercial goals.

While client delivery will always be our number one priority, we believe that excellent results aren’t possible without our other values, which remain at the heart of everything we do. As a growing business, we are always trying to develop our own knowledge and expertise so that we remain at the forefront of what is a dynamic industry.

We are a big believer in training and we have regular internal sessions. Whether it’s watching Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, or going through a detailed SEO tech audit as a team. We have already seen huge success from this and our entire team find it really rewarding.

We don’t keep all of this knowledge under lock and key, either. SEO is long been shrouded in mystery, but there’s no cloak and dagger stuff here. We always make a point of sharing our expertise with anyone who’ll listen, and there seems to be plenty of takers within our local community judging by the fantastic turnouts we’ve had at our recent training events. Why don’t you come and join us for our next one?


Demystifying digital marketing

There are a lot of small businesses that struggle with the concept of digital marketing and don’t quite understand why it’s so important. That’s where we come in, by explaining the core elements of SEO, PPC and social media in simple terms, without any jargon or perplexing technical lingo.

Marketing acronyms should not intimidate business owners. During the training sessions, our team of experts will be there to explain these key facets of digital marketing and reveal practical tips for businesses to use to help them achieve the best return on investment. We don’t just expect you to take our word for it, the training also gives people an opportunity to see how digital marketing has transformed businesses by running through case studies.

Since we started the free training events in July we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses develop their online presence and grow their enterprise. Whether you have experience within the industry, or are a complete newbie, we believe that everyone will leave with something useful to take from the day. Even if you’re just looking to pop down for a free breakfast and a friendly chat with some marketing geeks, we’re always happy to welcome new faces into Bring HQ.

Our next training day is on Bonfire Night (November 5th), so come to our office in the Atria building, on Spa Road in Bolton from 8.30 am if you want to break the digital marketing ice and meet some friendly faces. Sign up for your free place now.

Lee Wagstaff