More and more, we see clients coming to us feeling like they aren’t getting the most out of their ventures into affiliates marketing.

Here at Bring Digital, we believe that brands deserve better. We care about delivering great results for our clients, and now, we’ve taken it a step further. Affiliate marketing is growing faster than ever before, but we recognised that it needed a change.

That’s where BringConnected comes in.

One of our core values at Bring Digital is to care about our clients’ businesses as much as they do. And because we care, we wanted to do something different for our clients. We wanted to do something that would challenge the status quo and give our clients what they deserve: something better.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of BringConnected, our brand-new affiliate marketing platform.

What is BringConnected?

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BringConnected is our solution to the problem of affiliate marketing programmes that cost too much and return too little. Our programme blends the best aspects of affiliate management agencies and global publisher networks to provide an ‘all-in-one’ solution.

In doing so, BringConnected achieves what we think is the ‘holy grail’ of affiliates marketing: growing revenue while lowering costs.

BringConnected offers e-commerce brands the following services:

  • Account migration from existing networks
  • Proactive recruitment of new publishers & partners
  • Real-time reporting platform
  • Award-winning Partnerize management technology
  • Full strategic guidance, direction and ownership
  • Commission-only fee structure
Stacey Purdie is Head of Affiliate Marketing at Bring Digital

Stacey Purdie, Head of Affiliate Marketing

Spearheading BringConnected is Stacey Purdie, Head of Affiliate Marketing at Bring. Stacey joined the company coming from e-commerce giant In BringConnected, she’s knitting together years of experience and expertise to give businesses an affiliate platform that truly works for them.

“Coming from an in-house background I know the challenges e-commerce brands face with the traditional affiliate networks,” says Stacey. “I strongly believe that BringConnected will offer a level of strategy, accountability and service that brands won’t have seen before, offering a unique new way for businesses to grow their affiliate platform.”

It’s already gaining momentum

BringConnected has already got off to a great start. It’s attracted the interests of several established UK brands, including high-street shoe retailer Wynsors and e-commerce retailer Merlin Cycles.

Wynsors’ Ben Sagar is a big advocate of BringConnected. “Affiliates was an underperforming channel for us,” he says, “but since working with Stacey and the BringConnected team, we’ve seen exponential growth for the first time in years.

“On top of that, we now feel like we have a true strategic partner dedicated to growing our programme further.”

Our founder and Managing Director, David Ingram, has been championing Stacey and the work she’s been doing since she joined Bring Digital. He sees BringConnected as an exciting new step for the company.

“In Stacey, we’ve found someone who believes to her core that brands deserve better, and she’s shown the talent and drive to create a service that genuinely offers more,” he says. “The Bring Digital board and I are excited to see the platform grow over the coming years, and we intend to continue investing in Stacey and her team.”

Interested in how BringConnected can help your business grow? Give us a call on 01204 894359 or get in touch with us here.

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