I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a tale of how an underdog fought for what they believed in and came out on top. No I’m not talking about your usual Disney fairy tale (although now I mention it, how good is Frozen?), I’m talking about the magical tale of how the uninspiring brand won the hearts of consumers through the power of storytelling.

As content marketers, we understand that the brands that we work with can’t all be action-packed, shiny and, dare I say, sexy. Which means that more often than not, us marketers have to work a little bit harder to allow brands to make a connection with consumers.

The easiest way to convince someone of your idea is to connect it with an emotion. Therefore, if you want to convince consumers to buy your product or service you need to connect with them on an emotional level, be it through humour, empathy or shared beliefs and interests.

So how do we set about doing this?

The first thing to remember is that great storytelling is not limited to the product you sell, nor should it be centred around the history of your brand – unless you have a particularly intriguing back story. Brand stories should focus on the lifestyle that comes with the product and the emotions it evokes among your customers.

Consistency is key

Decide what story and message your brand is going to convey and stick to it consistently. From now on, everything you post, tweet, say and depict needs to contribute to the story of your brand.

One brand that has tailored its story perfectly is Rolex. Arguably, a glamourous watch seems like it would be an easy product to sell, however Rolex does more than just sell its products, the brand sells the lifestyle that comes with that product.

Every piece of history on Rolex’s timeline emphasises the brand’s key values, which are durability, innovation and achievement. From accompanying the first expedition to Everest, to deep-sea diving at 12,000 ft, Rolex’s historical exploits certainly tell a story. The brand continues to tell this story through its website, on social media and the people they choose to endorse by favouring powerful, high-profile athletes, explorers and sporting events.

Turn the tables by telling other people’s stories

Any company should agree that their customers and employees are the most important part of their business, so ask people to share their own stories instead of your own. This positions you as a company that cares about the people involved and gives a greater insight into your values as a brand.

User-generated content is the holy grail of the marketing world. It creates instant engagement and broadens your reach to different customers. Simply ask people to share photos, videos and messages featuring your product on social media and choose the stories that will truly resonate with your audience.

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Lee Wagstaff