Still from the documentary produced for KashFlow

The mission

At the beginning of the year, online accounting software provider KashFlow came to us with a vision for their brand that they needed our help to achieve.

While their competitors had a strong international presence, KashFlow wanted to be known as a British brand supporting small, homegrown businesses and start-ups.

To create that brand identity, KashFlow knew that they needed to do something different. We knew we needed to create a content campaign that would set them apart as a business that valued building relationships with its target market — and we had a varied and talented team that could do just that.

Our approach

We kicked things off with a competitor analysis to learn about the types of content competitors were producing and promoting.

This analysis of engagement revealed that small business owners and entrepreneurs were more invested in reading about how other businesses have found success with smart money management than they were about accounting software. We used that as a basis for our own approach.

KashFlow’s focus on creating strong, organic relationships with local businesses also allowed us to move away from a corporate approach and instead focus our creative proposal towards a more approachable, friendlier tone of voice.

With all of this in mind, we hosted an ideas session based on KashFlow’s KPIs, which were:

  • Generating coverage in national and local small business press
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Social media engagement
  • Video views
  • Visits to the dedicated landing page

We decided that the best way to meet all of these KPIs — while also establishing KashFlow as a champion of local small businesses — was to put together a video documentary in which we interviewed small business owners and start-ups.

The documentary would explore how small businesses in Manchester have found success, creating a counter-narrative to the bleak reports of the death of the high street. Manchester’s Northern Quarter served as the perfect setting: it’s full of small businesses that are thriving and whose owners have banded together to create a tightly knit community.

KashFlow loved our idea, so we set about building a plan for the filming day and inviting different types of businesses to feature in the video.

The results

The documentary was a resounding success that got plenty of positive attention from KashFlow’s target market.

Key performance indicator Result
Coverage in national and local press 11 pieces of coverage (including the MEN)
Increased brand awareness Estimated 679,000 views of coverage
Video views ~72,000 views (YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook)

To get the best possible results in the timeframe that we were given, we focused our efforts on targeting those publications that were most valuable to the client. KashFlow expressed that they were keen to get coverage in the Manchester Evening News, which — to their delight — we were able to secure.

Beyond that, the piece also generated a huge amount of brand awareness for KashFlow on social media, where it generated over 70,000 views.

Following the success of the documentary, we are discussing future video projects with KashFlow to help further champion their brand.

Be our next success story

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Jonny Taylor