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    Introducing BringConnected

    We believe affiliate marketing is changing.
    There’s a whole new world of partnership opportunities available, but having led in-house digital teams we know that brands are losing trust in the traditional networks.

    It’s our mission to help brands fall back in love with affiliate marketing.
    In a competitive marketplace we know that you need a partner that is working daily to drive your programme forward, whilst harnessing the very best technology to expand your opportunities.

    That’s what BringConnected is; the perfect mix of agency and network.
    We offer the dedicated focus and accountability of an agency partner, as well as the specialist technology, access to publishers and commission based fee structure you’d expect from a network.

    We’ve been in your shoes and we know the challenges you face. We’ve created to BringConnected to give you a solution that adds energy, growth and profitability back into your affiliate programme.

    Let’s get connected!

    Performance Marketing

    We enable our clients to optimise and reward affiliate partners through measurement of campaign performance. We understand that there are many touch points in the path to conversion and through our tracking and real-time analytics, we reward the publishers who drive traffic and revenue growth.

    Smart Commissioning

    It’s important to understand the publisher and product relationship. We use smart commissioning to set up tiered, flexible commission structures. Our understanding of attribution across marketing partners and smart commissioning allows us to reward each partner based on their place in the path to conversion. It’s not all about last click.

    Influencer & Outreach

    The world of affiliate marketing is changing, and changing fast. We work with our clients to identify and engage with influencers who fit their brand values and can authentically reach new audiences and help to establish brand authority for you

    Brand Partnerships

    Open your business to new relationships, connect with brands and maximise your ROI by increasing new customer acquisition, access conversation data, and optimise performance with in depth product level transaction data. We help you build branded partnerships that matter.

    Global Payments & Settling

    With global payments supporting 60 currencies in 215 countries around the world, we can easily track and process payments and help establish our clients as leading international brands.

    Insights and Analysis

    We use cutting edge technology to provide us with real time analytics. This gives the ability to segment your performance by publisher, product, time, location, device and so much more, which we turn into actionable insights for our clients

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