Fashioning a Winning PPC Strategy with Search Ads 360

  • +27%

    Increase in conversion rate

  • +5.5%

    Increase in click-through rate

  • -12%

    Lower CPCs

  • -31%

    Lower CPAs

Client Cotton Traders



Cotton Traders

We’d seen some huge benefits when we began onboarding select clients to SA360, seeing ROI increase while boosting campaign efficiencies.

But one of our longest-standing clients, Cotton Traders, wanted to see the evidence first before committing to fully adopting SA360. Their channel spend was quite high, so while the potential benefits were substantial, the risks were also increased. We had to prove to Cotton Traders that we could deliver significant improvements for them before they were ready to take the leap.

The results of the tests were overwhelmingly positive. We were able to showcase the major benefits of using SA360 while proving we had the know-how to mitigate the risks.

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