Hancock’s Jewellers

Hancocks is a fine jewellers based on King Street, one of the most exclusive parts of Manchester. A globally-recognised authority on diamonds, Hancocks has been in existence since 1860. With a strong presence in the high-end jewellery industry, Hancocks is a good example of a traditional retailer that has had to move with the times, as the growing use of technology has transformed the way people buy goods.

Hancocks gave Bring Digital the remit of setting up a user-friendly ecommerce platform that made it easy for customers to view and purchase products, while at the same time maintaining the brand’s prestigious and authoritative image. The existing website didn’t do enough to convey the sheer quality of the jewellery within the Hancocks collection and the company wanted online customers to appreciate the intricate details of each piece.

Hancocks also tasked Bring with designing a site that set the brand apart from others. Ensuring that the customer journey was as seamless and simple as possible was another key objective.