Get multilingual subtitling for your video projects in time and with minimal fuss. Over 200 languages available.

Quality subtitling from real native speakers

Subtitling your video content is essential when you aim to expand your brand’s reach globally or enhance accessibility for the hard-of-hearing in the UK. With Bring Digital’s 100% human subtitling services, you can unlock new markets and make your message resonate across cultures and languages.

Our expert team ensures that every subtitle is crafted with precision, helping you communicate effectively even in noisy environments or on the go. With over 200 languages and a commitment to industry-leading standards, we deliver top-quality subtitles for films, advertisements, social media videos, and more, always on time. Transform your video content into a powerful tool for global engagement and accessibility with Bring Digital.

Why invest in human subtitling for your video content?


Reach a global audience

Subtitles allow you to attain untapped markets to skyrocket your business’s revenue growth


Become more accessible

Make your message clear to hard-of-hearing audiences in multiple territories.


Rise above the noise

Offer users an easy way to engage with your video content, even while on the move or in noisy environments.


Improve comprehension

Help users understand every single word of your message, regardless of the clarity of your audio.

Why choose Bring Digital
for your subtitles?

1: 100% human

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In an era of AI, you can rest assured that our subtitles are written by human experts with the local know-how to avoid the cultural blunders that machines can’t help but make.

We work with a team of highly experienced language experts, each with their own set of skills and qualifications, to make sure you always get the top-quality product you deserve.

We endeavour to deliver your completed, time-coded subtitles by or even before our stated deadline, so you’re never waiting around to reach your next big market.

We aim to provide voice-overs in any language you need, including:

- Mandarin Chinese
- Spanish
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Arabic
- Hindi
- Bengali
- Russian
- Urdu

Expert subtitles for
any project

Our subtitling services can be used for dozens of different projects:

  • Film
  • Television programmes
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Documentaries
  • Social media videos
  • Product videos
  • Educational materials

Other localisation services

At Bring Digital, we do more than just voice-overs. Whether you need multilingual subtitles or your brand message translated for a range of international territories, our many localisation services can provide what you need.

Translation & transcreation

We can translate your brand message into more than 200 languages with local experts who ensure you make the right impact with your international customer


Get everything from English audio description to multilingual narration with our specially selected cast of professional voice-over actors.


What is subtitling?

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Essentially, subtitling involves adding written text to your video content that displays the spoken words in the same language or a different language. This makes your videos more inclusive and easier to understand for people who speak different languages, especially those who may not be able to hear the audio.

With subtitling, you can reach a larger audience and expand your business to new regions, even if you don't speak the same language as your target audience. For example, you could use subtitling to create videos in English and add subtitles in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or any other language. This will allow you to communicate your message effectively to people all around the world.

We can deliver in a file format compatible with your editing software, whether that’s SRT, XML, VTT, or STL. At Bring, we work to make your life as easy as possible, so if there’s a specific file format you need, let us know

While AI subtitles are becoming increasingly popular, they simply can’t match the level of quality that a human subtitler can provide. Multilingual subtitles require translation that factors in delicate cultural differences. Human translators understand when and when not to translate words or phrases literally, and when something different may be needed for specific cultures. That way, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your content is being communicated to international audiences without risk of causing offence.

We protect our high standards with a network of carefully cultivated translation experts from around the world, each with years of professional experience and qualifications. However, we can arrange for your subtitles to be independently reviewed should you want additional quality assurance.

The term “burn-in” subtitling refers to subtitles that are added to a video file, and cannot be switched on and off by the user. This differs from file formats like SRT that allow viewers to quickly switch between subtitle languages on their viewer. Burnt-in subtitles are commonly found in television and film in scenes where characters are speaking in another language, but they can be used for other video formats too.

Yes, we aim to match any font you specify when creating your subtitles. Please note that we may not be able to access or replicate some fonts that are not publicly available.

Yes, your subtitles will be time coded to match your video exactly. That way, there’s minimal need for any editing after you’ve received them from us.

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced when subtitling is keeping up with ever-evolving projects. Our subtitles are precisely time coded to the video files sent to us, so when videos are re-edited, our subtitlers need to repeat the process, which is costly and time consuming. For that reason, we only work with final edits of videos.

Want to join our team?

If you’re a native speaker of another language with a talent for voice acting or translation, you might be a great fit for our team of international experts.