Learn how The Pools, home of football pool betting, landed a jackpot against the odds with Bring Digital’s Paid Social strategy — and why they’re continuing to place their bets on the agency.

The Challenge

As an established betting brand with a long heritage, The Pools wanted to focus on attracting new customers to play its online games. 

While they were prepared to utilise all channels to achieve that, early tests in 2023 showed that advertising on Facebook and Instagram promised greater scalability in the long term than other digital channels.

Spotting a key growth opportunity, the Paid Social team at Bring Digital agreed on a benchmark CPA with The Pools and planned to start delivering campaigns from March 2023 onwards.

Our Approach

Because The Pools offers a diverse range of products — from sports betting to lottery and casino games — we started by segmenting audiences based on their primary interest. Finding the right audience for each product was a unique challenge each time. 

We discussed with the client how we could boost paid social performance with improvements beyond the narrow scope of one channel. We looked at everything from ad messaging and creative testing to landing page experience and overall proposition. For example, our suggested changes to one landing page boosted the click-to-registration conversion rate by around 20%.

Finally, we pieced together user data to model the lifetime value of new customers rather than simply the initial deposit value. The findings led us to completely pivot our strategy and focus on the products that generated far more high-value customers. 

“The approach we’ve taken across Paid Social for The Pools has been fundamental to their new customer strategy over recent months, and shows no sign of slowing down throughout 2024. Our approach to testing has unlocked opportunities across each of their product offerings, allowing us to significantly scale up investment whilst continuing to achieve efficiencies. Our strong relationship with The Pools means we continuously strive to reach greater and greater heights.”

Colin Dargue, Paid Social Associate Director

Bring Digital

Example ads from our paid social campaign for The Pools

Example ads from our paid social campaign for The Pools

The Results

The results after the first six months of running the campaigns were extraordinary. We delivered huge wins across every key metric, including driving nearly fifteen times the number of new user sign-ups we generated in the first month. 






New User Registrations


Cost Per Registrations

Looking at the bigger picture, we created a plan leading to exponential long-term growth. We quantified the value of our audiences beyond the initial transaction. We even made recommendations that sat beyond the channel’s scope, all to ensure the client’s holistic success in achieving their goals.

“Bring Digital’s Paid Social team impressed us with their unrivalled understanding of their channel and their willingness to go above and beyond to get the very best results. They prioritised collaboration over dictation so that both parties could work together. They didn’t settle for the easy option; they dug deep to find every opportunity, so we at The Pools could see the whole picture and make the best calls.”

Lee Pinnington, Chief Marketing Officer

The Pools

Put the Odds in Your Favour

By looking at the bigger picture, Bring Digital created a plan for The Pools that led to exponential long-term growth. 
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