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    The research stage is a natural part of the customer journey, and very few websites will convert a customer on their first visit. While it’s normal for a customer to consider their purchases before taking the plunge, making sure they don’t get distracted by a more attractive offer from one of your competitors is critical.

    Retargeting marketing is so powerful as it re-engages the user while they are at their most likely to convert and reminds them why they should choose your business over somewhere else.

    Bring Digital is entrusted with £4million adspend annually, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

    Strategy first

    Before firing out remarketing ads far and wide, we take the time to understand your overall business strategy, your target market and your products/services. We use your business insight along with our detailed data driven analytics to gain a deep understanding of your customer’s journey. This ensures your ads budget is spent wisely on tailored remarketing adverts and with your overall business goals at the forefront.


    Unlike many other agencies, we have the in-house experience to appreciate that real-world business decisions often need to be made quickly. With this understanding, we stay agile enough to adapt and react to these changes. Whether it’s amending adverts, budgets or product focus, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.


    Firing out the same message to every potential customer is a sure-fire way to lose sales. Our Data Analytics team ensure that customers are targeted at the right stage in their buying journey, in right the place, and using their preferred marketing message. We constantly tweak and test your ad copy, placement and bid spend, resulting in more advanced, cost-effective and impactful campaigns.

    Incorporating CRM data

    Remarketing isn’t just confined to Google, we also use social media channels to retarget your customers.
    Social media has opened up the world of remarketing to allow for more creative image and video-driven campaigns. Targeting is more advanced too, with the ability to remarket based on your CRM data including email address, postcode and even job occupation, so we can be more granular than ever.


    As a Premier Google Partner, we are tasked by Google to prove our ongoing expertise and training. Our team of specialists have extensive experience both agency side and in-house, earned with brands including, Ann Summers, Missguided and JD Sports. We’re entrusted with £4million adspend every year across all paid channels, so whatever your budget, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

    Detailed reporting

    We’re open and honest when it comes to your ad spend, and we’ll agree to report in whatever capacity works best for you and your business, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly via your dedicated Account Manager. Your remarketing account will be checked throughout the day and we’ll react accordingly, so there’ll never be any surprises.

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