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    Digital Analytics uses the data of your website customers to better understand their patterns of behaviour.

    In the subjective world of marketing, this will enable you to make strategic business decisions based on fact, rather than a hunch of what you think you customers might like.

    We identify the cause and effect of your customers’ behaviour online, helping you to identify trends, test theories and develop more effective marketing campaigns.

    Strategy first

    Digital Analytics is the first step in creating an effective marketing strategy. Many business decisions are wrongly built on long-held assumptions (for example, a target market or a pricing model), but with Digital Analytics, these beliefs can be challenged with real customer data.

    Ongoing testing

    The beauty of Digital Analytics is that hypothetical marketing campaigns can actually be tested and reported on in granular detail, allowing you to constantly tweak and improve your website’s effectiveness and its impact on your business. This is great for businesses that want to develop and evolve without taking huge risks.

    Customer segmentation

    Most marketers will understand that the ‘one size fits all approach’ simply doesn’t work when it comes to targeting customers. However, we still find that customer segmentation is still in its infancy in many businesses, and is often based on subjective, creative opinions of what the target market might like. Digital Analytics takes the guesswork away from this process, providing useful, actionable information based on fact.

    User Experience

    Digital Analytics also supports the User Experience of your website, so if you’re testing a new landing page, call to action button, branding, video content or any other change to your website, you can trial these improvements and understand the impact they have had. This level of detail means you can really understand how your customers respond to the UX of your site.


    Our Digital Analytics specialists have years of experience both agency side and at in-house brands, including Shop Direct, Missguided and Ann Summers. This in-house experience means we understand the challenges Marketing Managers and Directors face on a daily basis. The analytics we provide can support those difficult conversations, arming you with the information you need to progress with Marketing campaigns and get buy-in from your wider team.

    Supporting creativity

    Digital Analytics takes the guesswork out of customer segmentation, providing real data on their interests and behaviour. We can measure right down to the detail of which banner image generates more sales than another, which copy makes people more likely to buy, and even where a call to action should be in a video. This information enhances creative work, providing your team with real structure and customer insight to hone their ideas into something more effective.

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