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    Affiliate revenue

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    Affiliates contribution to sales mix

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Client Trtl




Learn how Bring Digital’s affiliate team helped TikTok-famous travel pillow brand Trtl soar to record sales over the Black Friday weekend — with super-comfortable commission rates to boot.

The Challenge

In late 2023, top travel pillow brand Trtl wanted to invest more into building their brand awareness. They knew they had an exceptional product and wanted to tap into their target audience of young and frequent travellers with content-led affiliate marketing.

But with no in-house affiliate marketing experts, they needed Bring Digital’s help to craft a strategy to generate the highest possible reach for their budget.

During the briefing process, we agreed with Trtl that we needed to show clear visibility over the impact of this activity, as it had been challenging to quantify returns on historic top-of-funnel investment.

Our Approach

To establish a healthy ROAS based on Trtl’s target margin, our affiliate team proposed a full-funnel strategy that connects awareness and traffic to sales and revenue. 

We recommended spreading the budget across different stages of the buying journey rather than focusing on one section of the funnel. We also had the support of our Digital Strategy team to create a strong attribution model. 

Additionally, we split the budget across CPA and CPC models while managing up-front fees from affiliate partners. 

The Results

Despite a tight turnaround, Trtl’s Black Friday affiliates campaign was a major success. In just two weeks, Bring Digital negotiated favourable rates, tenancies, and fees after shortlisting targets, leading to a near-perfect execution of the strategy during peak that delivered a near-80% jump in revenue vs October at a strong cost of sale.

Better still, we landed hugely positive coverage in several big-name publications. As a result, searches for “trtl pillow” jumped from less than 6,000 per month in October to more than 8,000 by the end of December (Google Trends).


“At every stage in the campaign, Bring Digital laid out their reasoning with empirical data and used their expertise to identify the right strategy for our brand. With their help, we were able to navigate the complexities of modern user journeys and get Trtl products in front of new audiences that will one day be brand advocates.”

Matthew Parrish, Chief Operating Officer


Sleep easy with an affiliate strategy that takes you places

Our affiliates team leveraged their industry-leading expertise and strong networks to go above and beyond Trtl in delivering a high-ROI campaign during a challenging trading period.

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