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    Deadline: 1st July

    Your data, preserved by experts

    Following the release of Google Analytics 4 in 2023, Google has announced it will permanently retire its old Universal Analytics on 1st July 2024.


    But while the change signals a major step forward for Google’s data suite moving forward, it will take with it any historical data that hasn’t been extracted — which could spell disaster for your marketing insights.


    Thankfully, there is a way you can protect your business intelligence. At Bring Digital, we’ve developed an intuitive way to migrate and store all of your historical data. Using BigQuery, we’ll set up your own “data warehouse” in the Cloud and export the reports that matter most to you so you can keep your data forever.


    Migrate and store your historical data today — and stay one step ahead of your competitors.


    Tell us about your data storage project

    Why store your Universal Analytics data?

    • You’ll permanently lose important data without a storage solution

      From the 1st of July, you won't be able to access any Universal Analytics properties or the API (not even with read-only access), and all your data will be deleted. That means you won’t be able to generate any year-on-year comparisons or seasonal insights that are crucial in understanding your business’s long-term performance.

    • We can clean up your old data to align it with your new reports

      Even data that wasn’t useful to you before can generate game-changing insights. Our Strategy team is filled with experts who can untangle your old data and integrate it with your latest reports so you can leverage game-changing insights without any additional legwork.

    • You can use your historical data as a model for proprietary tech

      If you’re developing AI to help with your internal systems, from logistics to reporting, your historical data will be your key training instrument. Storing your data means your AI has years of information to work with, so your tech will be smarter and more effective than your competitors.

    • A low-cost storage solution

      We can store multiple tables to query at minimal costs per month, keeping your storage costs to a negligible part of your budget. Additionally, our fees for performing the data migration are a one-off cost: you’ll only pay for storage after that.

    How our UA Data Storage process works

    We follow a four-step process to safely migrate, store, and integrate your data:

    • 1. We set up your data warehouse — We use specialist software to carry out competitor research, GAP analysis, and affinity research to discover high-potential partners for your brand.

    • 2. We transfer your data — We’ll carefully migrate the data from each of your specified reports and metrics from Universal Analytics to your data warehouse, ensuring nothing has been missed. We’ll also help you reorganise your data to make it easier to use if you choose.

    • 3. We connect your data to an easy-access dashboard — We connect our Looker Studio Report to your data warehouse so you can view your data in a familiar, easy-to-use interface, whenever you need it.

    • 4. We’ll help you map your old data to your current GA4 setup — We’ll also provide a mapping table and support any mapping on future GA4 tables if you want to see long-term comparables for your GA4 data.
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    What types of data can we transfer for you?

    • Channels
    • Campaigns
    • Product performance
    • Site search
    • Sources
    • Landing Pages
    • Sales performance
    • Events
    • Mediums
    • All Pages
    • eCommerce performance
    • Transaction IDs

    Our Data Storage team

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    On July 1st 2024, the process of Google deleting historic data in Universal Analytics accounts will begin. The deletion cannot be revoked, and once deleted, the data will be lost permanently. Google has also advised that the full UA shutdown will happen quickly within a one-week period. We recommend commencing your migration at least two weeks before this date.


    Yes, we can export any number of properties and views that are needed. The prices we offer are per property, so if multiple exports are required, we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote.


    A standardised dashboard has been created that will be connected to the exported data. The dashboard groups metrics and reports together in the same way that Universal Analytics did, making it feel familiar and simple to use for the business


    When we set up BigQuery for your data storage, we’ll help you add your billing information to your Google Cloud account so that Google can bill you directly for your data storage usage.