Learn how we delivered a paid media strategy worthy of the runway for famed fashion retailer In The Style — and how our Paid Media team continues to keep profitable growth in vogue.

The challenge

In November 2022, In The Style approached Bring Digital with a challenge. Amid high inflation and record costs, they needed a strategy for sustainable growth going into the new year that would boost revenue and profit in tandem.

Bring Digital proposed a growth strategy that allowed In The Style to return to its best sales numbers while maintaining profitability. Once we’d identified a blended target ROAS across all Paid channels necessary to achieve In The Style’s goals — with targets tailored to each channel objective — we got to work.

Our approach

We worked closely with In The Style to identify the right promotions and product ranges that would speak to their target audience while sustaining our target ROAS.

Once we’d identified the high-margin categories that sold well, we slowly scaled spend on ad campaigns directing users to those products. We supercharged our efforts by migrating In The Style to SA360 for their paid search ads, and on social media, we leveraged Meta’s new Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC) to keep front-end costs down and ROAS up.

“In The Style promotions run for very short periods, so pricing can be updated daily — sometimes, even on the same day. We often had to adapt reactively to changing stock immediately while mitigating the impact on Meta and Google learning phases as best as possible. Thankfully, we had a great relationship with the team at In The Style, which kept communication open and thorough so we could navigate each change with minimal disruption to our strategy.”

Sam Morris, PPC Director at Bring

The results

By the end of 2023, we could look back on an incredibly successful year for In The Style’s Paid Media channels. 

Not only were we able to show continuous growth over 12 months, but we also showed significant year-on-year uplifts during In The Style’s peak trading period.

The team at In The Style were as thrilled as we were about the returns they saw from our Paid Media strategy. They continue to invest for even further growth in 2024.

The figures


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