Expand your reach to brand new audiences across your social platforms without compromising your ROI with paid social campaign management from Bring Digital.

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Social media is one of the most effective ways you can engage with your target customers. With more than five billion active users on social networks worldwide, it’s no surprise that online brands are investing more and more in reaching those users with social ads.

But any marketer worth their salt will tell you that large audiences don’t guarantee large returns. It takes a finely tuned paid social strategy to find those users who’ll fall in love with your brand — and then deliver a creative message that’ll grab their attention.

Our Paid Social experts are fully equipped to deliver the campaign results you need. They use cutting-edge data and insights technology to fuel an ROI that allows your brand to flourish. Whether it’s building brand awareness, driving conversions, or adopting an expansive full-funnel marketing strategy, we’ve handpicked a team of social media marketers that really can do it all.

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Why invest in a paid social strategy?


The average person spends about 145 minutes on social media every day

The most important thing for marketers is to be where their customers are. And there’s nowhere that your customers are more often than social media.


Nearly 30% of all digital media spend is invested in social media advertising

The UK’s fastest growing eCommerce brands recognise the value of an at-scale social media advertising strategy. In an increasingly competitive market, your brand needs the know-how to fight for your audience’s attention.


The average CTR of social ads is less than 1%

Reaching users is easy, but getting them to engage? That’s harder than ever. A data-led strategy allows you to see what users are actually responding to — and how to turn those clicks into transactions.


The average person uses 6.7 different social networks per month

It’s not enough to serve ads on one or two of the major social platforms. A robust paid social strategy allows you to maximise conversions with touch points on every social channel your audience engages with.

Our technologies

Paid social advertising is constantly evolving — and so are we. Here are the tools we use to put you ahead of your rivals.


Our strategic approach

Social ads, the Bring Digital way

1: It starts with strategy

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We always start with your KPIs and a deep dive into your data. When we fully understand your previous activity, your target audience, and your account performance, we’ll draw up a plan that meets your needs AND your goals.

Build your brand on rock-solid foundations with an in-depth account structure audit. We’ll implement our best-in-class account structure to make it as efficient as possible before you start spending.

As soon as your first social ads campaign goes live, we’ll run continuous testing to spot new growth opportunities. We’ll experiment with audience, ad format, ad creative, and messaging to constantly improve your ROI.

When you choose Bring, you don’t just learn which ads are performing best: you’ll learn why, too. We’ll show you wins and challenges in regular transparent reports that include straight-to-the-point summaries of what we need to do next.

With Bring, your social ads don’t need to operate in silos. We collaborate with other channels to provide a holistic marketing strategy that captures more sales at a lower cost-per-acquisition. We work smarter, not harder.

We don’t believe that “hacks” builds a strong brand. Instead, we’ll develop a sustainable growth strategy for your social ad campaigns that will strengthen your business for years to come.

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