Drive more sales from your most profitable audience: your existing customers. Automate personalised experiences that drive conversions at scale with best-in-class email and SMS strategies from tech-enabled experts.

Personalised experiences at scale, managed by experts

When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to slip into the trap of only thinking about reaching new customers. But that’s only one side of the coin. When you invest in retaining your existing customers, too, you’ll tap into your most profitable audience — and keep your marketing costs under control.

But retaining customers is harder than it’s ever been. Modern audiences expect deeply personalised experiences that leverage multiple channels at once, demanding seamless journeys between their email, SMS, and onsite navigation. Planning that exponentially complex web of touchpoints is a headache even for a dedicated CRM expert, let alone an understaffed team. 

Luckily, the experts at Bring Digital are fully equipped to help you navigate your retention strategy. We’ll spot the leaks and help you maximise the conversions of your existing customer base—at a fraction of the cost of acquiring new customers.

How we grow your business
with retention strategies

1: Automate personalised experiences

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Personalisation at scale is at once the greatest opportunity and the biggest challenge for eCommerce brands today. We’ll help you craft finely tuned, AI-driven flows that offer your customers the personalised experiences they love, built to grow with you.

Get your offers read by more customers than ever before with higher open rates. Leverage the benefits of SMS and email marketing in harmony to get a larger slice of your audience engaging with your latest promotions, and maximise your returns.

Overhaul your abandoned cart and search journeys with improved logic, messaging, and AI-driven customisation that drives more users to complete their purchase. Understand which journeys are most likely to drive cart abandonment and leverage those insights to improve your entire checkout experience

Getting marketing consent is harder than it’s ever been, but doing so can drive massive additional value. Learn how you can dramatically increase GDPR-compliant opt-ins across multiple channels — and watch your datasets grow.

Why invest in Retention Strategy?


It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one

It’s more expensive than ever to convert new customers to your brand. A strong retention strategy can deliver far more purchases for the same cost and even help you reclaim your marketing investment once an acquired customer turns into a repeat customer.


Returning customers spend 33% more per order

As brands grow their customer loyalty over time, so too does customer lifetime value. Building trust with repeat positive experiences means your customers are more receptive to upsells and offers.


64% of loyalty program participants shop more frequently

Retention strategies allow for personalised marketing that engages and rewards existing customers to build brand loyalty.


86% of loyal customers will recommend a brand to their friends and family

Satisfied, loyal customers are more likely to refer their friends to your business. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most effective — and cheapest — form of acquisition marketing.

Our technologies

Our team is fully enabled to help you drive more conversions across a variety of platforms. Here’s a selection of some of the technology partners we work with.


Thinking of migrating to a new ESP?

Switching your ESP can transform your ROI in the long term, but getting it right is crucial. Our Retention team can help. We’ll conduct all the necessary audits pre-migration and advise you on the best implementation for minimal disruption to your customer journeys so you can continue to grow your returning business uninterrupted.

Retention marketing, the Bring Digital way

We believe a great retention strategy isn’t a quick fix: it’s a process that evolves over time. Our approach is built on understanding your customers deeply and giving you a framework to drive incremental gains that benefit you for the years to come.

We learn about your retention challenges

Before we get into the detail, we want to see the big picture. Our Retention team will arrange an in-depth discovery session to learn what you want to achieve with your retention strategy, the challenges you’ve faced so far, and your existing technologies and processes. From those key insights, we’ll build out a set of KPIs that align with your goals.


We audit your existing processes

Next, our Retention experts will conduct extensive audits of your existing tech stack. They’ll review your current customer flows, audit the logic, and test journeys to expose any gaps. They’ll also unpack your analytics from the last twelve months to examine trends in your customer behaviour, segments you may be missing, and opportunities for growth you haven’t yet spotted.

We give you our top recommendations

Following our audits, we’ll pull together a comprehensive summary of the key issues and opportunities we’ve found in order of priority. We’ll also provide you with a plan for execution that aligns with our agreed KPI, and a projection of the results you can expect to see if those recommendations are implemented.

We’ll guide you to success

Once we’re agreed on the best plan of action, our Retention team are on hand to help deliver what you need. We’ll leverage our platform knowledge to support the delivery of recommended new flows, segments, and lists. We’ll also make sure the logic fits together correctly across all your retention channels, from email to SMS and push notifications.

Case studies


What is retention marketing?

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“Retention marketing” covers any activity your brand performs to keep your customers coming back again and again.

A good retention strategy prevents your existing customers from defecting to a competitor brand or simply disengaging with yours, whether it’s because of price, product quality, or customer experience. The best retention marketing turns your existing customers into brand advocates, delivering higher AOVs and reducing new customer acquisition costs thanks to natural, word-of-mouth referrals.

While we’re able to help you with whichever ESP you’re currently working with, our team is trained in using Klaviyo, Attentive, Dot Digital, and Mailchimp. If you’re using a lesser-known or custom ESP, we can arrange immersion workshops to get our team fully up to speed on how it works — and to spot the best opportunities to maximise your repeat conversions as quickly as possible.

No; we’re able to work across multiple retention channels, such as SMS, push notifications, and onsite personalisation. If you’re only leveraging one or two mediums to reach your existing audience, we can advise you which retention channels you can add to your strategy to increase your ROI.

We’ll work with you to define what success looks like, whether you want to increase the number of repeat purchases, grow your AOV, or boost your opt-in rates. We can also leverage a range of reporting tools and options, from competitor benchmarking and custom Looker Studio reports to native analytics on your ESP.

We bring award-
winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. The industry’s top professionals have recognised our work with multiple awards, including “Large SEO Agency of the Year” at the UK Agency Awards 2023.

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