Grow your organic traffic and ROI with an SEO strategy managed by the experts at the UK’s Large SEO Agency of the Year 2023.

The UK’s Large SEO Agency of the Year

Search is changing. And in an era of accelerated change in the search landscape, you need an agency partner who can keep up. That’s precisely what you’ll get with Bring Digital.

With Bring Digital’s SEO strategy services, you’ll get a comprehensive plan for organic search with sustainable growth at its core. SEO doesn’t work overnight — but with our extensive experience, you’ll start with high-impact activity to give your site the boost it needs while waiting to reap the rewards of long-term strategic thinking. It’s all delivered by a team of more than 20 SEO experts in the heart of Manchester who stay at the sharp end of the industry to keep you and your website one step ahead of the competition.

That’s our winning formula. It’s why Bring Digital was named the UK’s Large SEO Agency of the Year at the UK Agency Awards 2023.

Why invest in SEO?


More than 96% of pages never get organic traffic

There are billions of pages on the internet, and only a tiny fraction of them are found via a search engine. SEO is vital to ensure your potential customers can find the content you’re creating for them.


Only 0.44% of Google search users visit second-page results

It’s not enough to be indexed by Google: you need to be on page one to generate traffic. Investing in an SEO agency gives you strategies to help your brand climb the ranking positions that deliver clicks, not just eyeballs.


Google has updated its algorithm more than 45 times in the last five years

The rate of change in search is reaching lightspeed, so a working knowledge of Google’s core ranking factors from last year won’t cut it in the new competitive landscape. Our SEO team keeps up with the latest developments on your behalf and tailors your strategy accordingly.


Users are more likely to trust a brand with a strong organic search presence

Paid channels might deliver short-term brand awareness and clicks, but strong organic performance builds your brand’s credibility. With SEO, you can increase your brand searches and generate more of the high-converting, low-cost traffic that fuels your long-term growth.

How we grow your business
with SEO strategy services

1: Grow your traffic

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We’ll optimise your website structure, on-page content and off-page presence for stronger keyword rankings.

Reach new customers by ranking for more non-brand terms in your industry. Get your brand name in spaces where your competitors usually dominate.

We deliver strong ROI earlier by focusing on your high-converting categories and building a bespoke plan to boost their search performance.

We’ll strengthen your site's technical foundations for long-term performance so your organic traffic continues to thrive.

Technical SEO

Whether improving your current site or migrating to a new one, nail your site’s technical foundations with a suite of audits and our developer-friendly ticketing system.

SEO Copywriting

Optimise your onsite content with a team of skilled writers fully trained in SEO best practices. Start publishing content on your sites that search engines will love — and your users will, too.

Digital PR

Elevate your site’s domain rating with organic links from authoritative, relevant digital publishers. Build your brand with eye-catching digital PR campaigns that journalists will share with their readers.

Types of SEO

Our technologies

SEO is constantly evolving — and so are we. Here are the tools we use to give you the best visibility over your rankings and measure the impact of our work.


Need training?

At Bring Digital, we want you to win. That’s why we can offer bespoke SEO training for you and your staff when you choose to work with us.

We’ve delivered training for a variety of B2B and B2C businesses, and our team has even delivered workshops and lectures on SEO at the University of Central Lancashire.

SEO strategy, the
Bring Digital way

There are plenty of SEO agencies out there that all say the same thing: “We’ll build you traffic over time.” But at Bring Digital, we believe that a strategic focus on the right things can deliver tangible results in a time frame that beats the industry standard. And we’ve developed a strategic approach that allows us to achieve that every time.

We audit your website

We start by conducting a series of audits on your existing website: everything from your technical foundations to your link profile and onsite copy. We’ll summarise our key findings and discuss our recommended action plan, ordered based on impact and effort.


We’ll build your technical foundations

In our experience, getting your technical fundamentals right significantly boosts your SEO activity afterwards. Our Tech SEO team can brief your developers on each of their priority tickets, or, if you prefer, they can make the changes themselves: our Tech SEO specialists are well-versed in multiple coding languages and hosting platforms.

We’ll optimise your site content

We’ll focus on your onsite copy once your first technical tickets are underway. Our Content team will go through your commercial pages with a fine-toothed comb to identify search optimisation opportunities, and we’ll turn your top-of-funnel copy into best-in-class content that converts.

We’ll strengthen your link profile

Once we’ve progressed on your onsite foundations, we’ll build your domain rating with high-quality links from relevant sites. Our digital PR team will research the best publications in your industry based on their link profile and topical focus and develop campaigns to target them — from reactive commentary opportunities to fully-fledged creative campaigns.

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How do you define success in SEO?

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Our ultimate goal in SEO is to drive more traffic to your website. Beyond that, though, we want to be as strategic as possible when it comes to the type of traffic you’re generating. We don’t believe in vanity metrics: if you’re ranking well but you don’t have the revenue growth to show for it, then we haven’t succeeded.

When you select Bring as your SEO agency, we’ll start with an in-depth discovery session to understand your goals. When it’s revenue, margin, or engagement, we’ll develop a set of KPIs that work for you so that you’re always getting more than just additional traffic. We’ll also help you identify opportunities to attract more users to high-converting pages and journeys, rather than just the site as a whole, to maximise your chances of driving sales.

Our team has worked across dozens of different industries in the past, so no matter what your niche, we have someone on the ground who understands it. From driving massive revenue growth for some of the UK’s biggest fashion retailers to landing those all-important leads for a B2B SaaS team, we’ve done it all.

But regardless of industry, we never work on assumptions. We’ll always start with extensive research into your competitors, industry trends, and your existing site content to get a firm grasp of the unique challenges in your sector and tailor a strategy to that.

SEO is incredibly complex, with thousands of different factors constantly at play. Therefore, we can never guarantee exactly how long it will take to see results to show. Some businesses might see SEO results within a few weeks, while others might take well over six months to see the full impact.

As a rule of thumb, we’ll always start with the opportunities that we believe will have the highest impact in the shortest time. That way, you maximise your odds of seeing that tangible return to share with your stakeholders — before any tough questions arise.

Google has taken a mobile-first approach to its algorithm — and so have we. We’ll run extensive testing on your mobile site in our audits to spot any gaps that could be impacting speed or usability, and raise the relevant tickets to your developers. We’ll also never make recommendations for your desktop site if they could negatively impact your mobile performance.

SEO is a long-term investment that is best paired with a fast-impact channel like Paid Search or Paid Social to help you strike a balance between your cash flow now and your revenue growth in the future. In our experience, the most effective SEO strategies are those that form part of a coordinated multi-channel strategy.

We’ve invested a great deal of time into our reporting suite to make sure you always have the information you need when you need it. At the beginning of your retainer, we’ll set up a live custom report that shows you regular updates on how you’re performing for your key target terms, where you’re gaining traffic, and any notable drops that we can mitigate with our SEO tickets. We can further customise these reports on request.

You’ll also get a monthly check-in with our SEO team to run through activity and performance over the previous four weeks, where you can ask your most pressing questions to the experts themselves.

At Bring Digital, we’re big believers in the power of sharing ideas. Our team share all the latest industry news and trends with one another for regular discussion, and we invest in training our team members in areas of SEO they’re passionate about. We also attend major industry events like BrightonSEO throughout the year to stay aloft of the latest developments and ideas as and when they happen. Better yet, we’ll share our learnings with you directly via SEMantics, our dedicated SEO LinkedIn newsletter.

We bring award-
winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. The industry’s top professionals have recognised our work with multiple awards, including “Large SEO Agency of the Year” at the UK Agency Awards 2023.

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