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A strong selling point or product can take you far in eCommerce. But if you’re not providing your customers with a compelling message, you’re facing an uphill battle to get them to convert — and without good content, your audience is unlikely to find your product at all.

Search engines like Google are focusing more and more on “helpful” content to determine what should rank well. Helpful content is anything that is designed to give your users the information they need as quickly as possible, with maximum clarity. So, if you want to keep up with your competitors, you need the help of expert writers. That’s exactly what we deliver.

At Bring Digital, our Content team pairs an in-depth knowledge of the latest SEO guidelines with a deep understanding of user behaviour to deliver copy loved by users and search engines alike. Whether it’s on your category pages, your blogs, or your next big whitepaper, we can deliver high-quality content in your brand voice that not only helps attract new customers but drives sales, too.

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Why invest in content marketing


“Content quality” is one of Google’s most important ranking factors

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing. Google’s modern algorithm takes content quality incredibly seriously, assessing everything from originality and clarity to comprehensiveness and authorship. Our expert writers are able to coach you through any gaps in the quality of your content to help you outrank your competitors.


Sites featuring “unhelpful” content are more likely to be penalised

Failing to level up your onsite content isn’t just a competitive disadvantage; it can even lead to manual penalties from search engines that devastate your organic traffic. We make sure your site is protected by auditing your site for any low-quality content that needs to be upgraded or removed


Great copy is proven to help customers convert

Expert copywriters are able to create pages that not only generate more traffic but help to convert that traffic, too. Our writers ensure that your landing pages are filled with compelling CTAs, social proof and USPs to turn your visitors into customers.

Content marketing,
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1: We audit your existing content

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We’ll run a thorough analysis of all the content on your website. Our audits identify content you need to remove, new topic opportunities for traffic, and where you can strengthen your site’s E-E-A-T to boost your rankings.

Once we’ve identified the right content strategy for your website, we’ll develop a roadmap for each key workstream, from creating new landing pages to updating existing guides. We’ll compile a clear list of actions for you to take, including content you need to remove or consolidate to upgrade the overall quality of your site as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s for a blog strategy, a set of listing pages, or a new landing page, our content strategists will craft research-driven briefs for any piece of content we’re creating. You can see the “why” behind the “what”, and get a snapshot idea of what the final piece will contain.

If your writers are already stacked or you don’t have one on hand, we’ll get to work creating the content in our roadmap. We have a vigorous proofreading process that ensures no piece of content reaches you for sign-off without at least two experts approving it first.

We’ll never go live with a piece of content without first confirming that it meets your standards. You’ll get access to a living document where you can leave as much feedback as you need to for our writers, whether it’s on brand voice or additional topics to explore.

Our team is extremely experienced in using a variety of content management systems, from WordPress and Umbraco to plugins like Shogun and Contentful. We can publish your content to your site as soon as you’re happy with it so you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

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We bring award
winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. The industry’s top professionals have recognised our work with multiple awards, including “Large SEO Agency of the Year” at the UK Agency Awards 2023.

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