Drive more sales and improve your ROI with smart commissioning and global reach from Bring Digital’s affiliate marketing services.

Your Affiliate Partnerships, Managed by Experts

We believe affiliate marketing is changing. There’s a whole new world of partnership opportunities available, but having led in-house digital teams, we know that brands are losing trust in traditional networks.

It’s our mission to help brands fall back in love with affiliate marketing. In a competitive marketplace, we know that you need a partner who is working daily to drive your programme forward whilst harnessing the very best technology to expand your opportunities. We offer the dedicated focus and accountability of an agency partner, as well as the specialist technology, access to publishers and commission-based fee structure you’d expect from a network.

We’ve been in your shoes, and we know the challenges you face. We’ve created a solution that adds energy, growth and profitability back into your affiliate programme.

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How we grow your business
with affiliate marketing

1: Access an established network

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We’ll leverage networks built over several years to generate effective partnerships for you faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

With Bring Digital, you’ll get unrivalled global reach within a single campaign to streamline your costs and workload. We’re fully equipped to help you successfully gain traction in any overseas market with multi-currency payments and localised messaging as part of the package.

We use advanced tracking tools and technology to accurately attribute sales to specific affiliates so everyone is compensated fairly. We ensure you get precise performance metrics to make the decisions that matter with confidence.

Our experts are fully versed in affiliate marketing regulations and fraud prevention measures. We’ll take every precaution to protect your brand from any and all compliance risks.

Our technologies

Affiliate advertising is constantly evolving — and so are we. Here are the tools we use to get you the best returns from your network.


Our activation approach

Affiliate marketing, the
Bring Digital way

We’ve learned how to create affiliate partnerships that last — and that benefit your bottom line, too. We’ve developed a highly effective process to set you up for success in no time at all.


We use specialist software to carry out competitor research, GAP analysis, and affinity research to discover high-potential partners for your brand.



We’ll work tirelessly to recruit reliable publishers to your programme on your terms


We use our strong publisher relationships and advanced commissioning technology to increase your account volume and profit margin.


We believe in the power of relationships. Our account managers speak regularly with your partners to help prioritise your brand and maximise your coverage.

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Can you recruit and retain affiliate partners across multiple markets?

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Yes, we can and currently do. We maintain long-standing relationships with affiliate partners around the world to give our clients instant access to high-growth markets. We also have a long-term strategic partnership with our network partners, which helps us access further global opportunities to scale.

We need 8-12 weeks to successfully establish an affiliate programme in a brand-new market. This window provides us with enough time to identify potential partners based on your brand objectives and negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

Because we have long-standing relationships with several large global partners, we're very often able to communicate directly with them from our Bring Digital email addresses. We’re well-respected within the industry, and we can leverage our extensive experience to instil confidence in new partners. However, we can work using alias email addresses if you prefer.

Yes — we negotiate all rates with our partners to get the best price possible for our clients. We also renegotiate those rates regularly.

We use several competitor analysis tools, including Similarweb and Publisher Discovery. We have partner discovery tools in the network along with access to many other affiliate networks, granting us the use of their dedicated recruitment tools.

We’re very strict in preventing fraud wherever possible, so we have fraud controls active in our affiliate networks at all times. Any activity suspected of fraud is immediately flagged by our technology partners so we can terminate it at the earliest opportunity.

We provide you with a weekly report that includes a comprehensive summary of performance and partner information. We'll provide you with direct access to the portal so you can access live updates whenever you wish. We believe transparency of information is crucial in maintaining a healthy client-agency relationship. Better still, we’ll enlist our Data & Strategy team to craft your ideal setup with options for automated reporting.

Yes, we do. Our Data & Strategy team are experts in using UA, GA4 and Google Tag Manager. We often enlist their help in perfecting our Analytics setup and tracking.

We bring award
winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve been recognised by the industry’s top professionals with multiple awards, including “Large Digital Agency of the Year” and “eCommerce Agency of the Year”, from respected awarding bodies like The Drum, Prolific North, and the UK Agency Awards.