Strengthen your website’s technical foundations to skyrocket your site traffic with a technical SEO team that truly understands what your developers need.

Your technical SEO, managed by experts

Organic search remains one of the most powerful tools in every marketer’s arsenal. But with search engine algorithm updates becoming more frequent, it’s harder than it’s ever been to keep on top of the technical checks and balances needed to avoid penalties that could spell disaster for your site traffic.

With Bring Digital’s award-winning Technical SEO team, that’s no longer a problem. Our team boasts a rich pedigree of first-hand development experience, so we’re equipped to brief your developers on exactly what changes you need to make to your site — and in what order.

We believe that good technical SEO is the cornerstone of an organic growth strategy. So, from our first tech audit to our final SEO ticket, everything we do helps strengthen your site’s foundations, atop which you can build a monumentally successful eCommerce brand.

That’s why we were named “Large SEO Agency of the Year 2023”.

Why invest in Technical SEO?


The Google Search index contains hundreds of billions of web pages

When you’re fighting for Google’s attention, it pays to be helpful. Tech SEO makes your site easier to find and crawl, increasing your chances of outranking your competitors.


Only 1 in 3 websites pass Google’s Core Web Vitals test

Google is increasingly stringent when it comes to page speed and user experience. We’ll run several tests on all of your site pages to identify what’s slowing you down and what you can do to pass every Core Web Vitals assessment.


Over two-thirds of multi-territory sites have hrelang errors

Managing domains across multiple territories is challenging enough without having to worry about technical errors getting lost in translation. Our Tech SEO team works alongside our Localisation department to ensure your non-English pages are correctly translated and matched to their UK counterpart to avoid Google penalties and maximise traffic.


Nearly 3 in 4 of sites feature pages that are too slow

Speed is everything in modern UX, but the majority of eCommerce sites are plagued with sluggish load times and poor responsiveness. Technical SEO cuts your bounce rates with lightning-fast pages that your users expect.

Our technologies

SEO is constantly evolving — and so are we. Here are the tools we use to give you the best visibility over your rankings and measure the impact of our work.

Where our Technical SEO
team can help

Website structure

eCommerce sites are often sprawling, with thousands of pages at any given time. We’ll advise you on how to structure all of these pages to make it as easy as possible for search engines to discover your most important content and products


Crawling and indexation

Once your structure is right, we’ll identify anything in your code that’s preventing search engines from crawling your site smoothly. We’ll unearth those important pages previously blocked from Google’s search results to quickly boost your converting traffic.

Site Speed

Delivering information to your users as quickly as possible is crucial in the mobile-first world. We’ll show you where your site is running slowly, what’s causing it, and how to fix it to adhere to Google’s Core Web Vitals, without compromising your site’s user experience.

Website migrations

Switching from one domain or platform to another? We’ve consulted on dozens of major site migration projects to guarantee a smooth launch with minimal loss in traffic or link equity. We’ve helped deliver domain and platform migrations as well as upgrades and consolidations for hundreds of brands.

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Technical SEO,
the Bring Digital Way

With Bring, you’ll get an industry-leading full-stack audit of more than 200 different checks. And because we’re experienced in auditing major platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, you’ll get specific recommendations that are optimised to your tech stack.

1: Technical audit

More Less

We’ll start with the fundamentals, identifying things like broken pages, server errors, and any erroneous use of code that could be harming your website’s search visibility.

Next, we’ll run speed tests to see how quickly your website is rendering for users and whether those metrics meet Google’s high standards.

Cybersecurity is imperative not only for your financial security but also to build trust with search engines like Google. We’ll assess your security setup and identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

We’ll run a full analysis of your site’s use of tags and cookies to plug any gaps between your site users and your analytics. We can work with our Data & Insights team, who are experts in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, to deliver simple solutions if your developers are stacked.

We’ll collaborate with our Content team to read everything on your site. We’ll determine what content is useful, what can be improved, and what you should consider removing.

Your site’s search authority comes largely from its link profile. We’ll run a full evaluation of your backlinks from other sites and provide you with advice on how to maximise your existing link equity with help from our Digital PR team.

When you’re running sites across multiple territories, it’s difficult to get them communicating properly with search engines. We’ll evaluate your cross-territory implementation of ccTLDs, subdomains and subfolders, as well as other factors that could be holding back your overseas reach.

We bring award
winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. The industry’s top professionals have recognised our work with multiple awards, including “Large SEO Agency of the Year” at the UK Agency Awards 2023.

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