Strategy & Insights

Building a plan of action that will deliver results is almost impossible if you don’t have reliable data to refer to. Our Strategy & Insights team is equipped to turn a sea of information into a concentrated pool of insights that you can 100% trust — and use to make effective decisions.

Analytics and
Tracking Audits

When you’re relying on your data to make business-critical decisions, accuracy is crucial. We help you spot the gaps in your data that could be costing you sales with in-depth tracking audits and analytics deep dives, so you can rest assured that your actions are firmly grounded in truth.

Digital Strategy Consultancy

Getting all of your marketing channels working in tandem is far easier said than done. Our Strategy team leverage their experience in multiple disciplines to develop omnichannel strategies that allow your marketing channels to collaborate effectively — and drive those sales that isolated campaigns can’t.

Customer Retention Strategy

Acquiring new customers can be incredibly expensive. With our Retention Strategy services, we can help deliver more sales from your existing customer base with carefully planned automated journeys that span multiple channels, from classic email campaigns to SMS and onsite notifications.