Turn a sea of unreliable data into a fountain of business-changing insights that you can 100% trust — and put into action, too.

Your digital strategy, managed by experts

The decisions you make are what make the biggest difference between success and failure in your marketing campaigns. But how are you making those decisions? And how do you know that you’re moving in the right direction?

Our data-driven digital strategy services act as the bridge between you and the answers to those questions. We’ll take all the data you have available, determine what’s accurate and what isn’t, and combine it with the latest market data to map out your best course of action.

Our strategy team is filled with multi-channel marketers who understand how to grow your ROI exponentially with a smart omnichannel plan. When you trust them with your budget, they’ll allocate it based on what your data is really saying.

No more “what ifs”. Only: “What’s next?”

How we grow your business
with a digital strategy

1: Match your marketing activity to your KPIs

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We’ll align our recommendations to your business goals and create stakeholder-friendly reports that clearly demonstrate the progress you’re making.

We’ll tell you where your data is inaccurate and provide you with the tools and expertise to fix it straight away.

We’ll parse through your data to dig out those potential success stories that you haven’t spotted yet — and neither have your competitors.

Tracking Audits

Spot the gaps in your data that could be costing you sales so you can make crucial decisions based on how your users are really behaving.

Business Insights

Turn your messy data into a list of golden opportunities. Match your metrics to your KPIs and develop clear growth plans to help you hit your revenue and profit targets in record time.

Data Storage & Compliance

Keep hold of your old data and safely migrate it over to your new analytics platforms while keeping your busines 100% protected with the latest GDPR regulations.

Tech Integrations

Level up your eCommerce site with custom integrations. We’re fully enabled with some of the best marketing technology in the industry to help you see success from day one.


Turn your customers into repeat purchasers at a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new customer with personalised post-purchase email and SMS journeys.


Equip your team to get more from their analytics with in-depth workshops from our data experts, from tracking and data migration to automated reporting.

Our technologies

Our digital strategists are well-versed in a multitude of analytics and data platforms, so they’re equipped to meet any challenge you throw their way.


Why invest in digital strategy consultancy?


Data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to outperform their competitors

In an AI-enhanced ecosystem where personalisation is the norm rather than the exception, mastery over your data is a superpower. Our Strategy team is extensively trained in using in-depth analytics to develop a plan of attack based on what your customers are actually doing right now, so you can capitalise on opportunities your competitors haven’t even seen yet.


More than 2 in 5 marketers say that it’s very difficult to verify the accuracy of their first-party data

When you’re making big decisions based on your data, inaccuracies can spell disaster for your marketing ROI. Our strategists carefully audit all of your data tracking to spot gaps as early as possible. We ensure your marketing activity is fueled by exact data so you can personalise every customer interaction to perfection.


A clear multichannel strategy can deliver almost 5x greater ROI than channels operating separately

Your customers are interacting with you on several different platforms at any one time, so why let your marketing strategies be siloed? Our strategists help you align your channel strategies — from SEO and paid search to social advertising and affiliates — to provide your potential customers with a seamless journey from first interaction to repeat transactions.

Digital strategy, the Bring Digital way

1: We learn about your challenges

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The first thing we do when building out your strategy is sit down with you to discuss the biggest challenges you’re facing. We’ll learn about the history of your business, your KPIs, and your biggest pain points so we can develop a solutions-based framework upon which we can build the best strategy to achieve your goals.

We’ll conduct a series of in-depth audits on all your data to spot any potential gaps — and get it in tip-top shape. We’ll analyse your analytics setup, data storage, data compliance, and more. From there, we’ll detail every step we need to take to get your data accuracy as close to 100% as possible.

We’ll parse through your data to dig out those potential success stories that you haven’t spotted yet — and neither have your competitors.

We’ll do more than spot new channel opportunities: we’ll equip you to attack them properly with the right tech stack. Our team is fully trained in several industry-leading eCommerce tech platforms, including Klaviyo, Attentive, Klevu, and Feedonomics. We can help your development team successfully set up or migrate over to the best platforms for your goals.

We believe in making your data as transparent as possible. That’s why our Strategy team will create a custom reporting suite based on your business’s needs. We’ll build a live dashboard tailored to your exact requirements that clearly demonstrates how you’re tracking against your KPIs — and that’s as stakeholder-friendly as possible.

We’re fantastic at planning ahead — but as with anything in marketing, true success requires an iterative approach. That’s why we incorporate testing into everything we do. When we embark on a new campaign or channel, we’ll develop a series of hypotheses to test and provide you with a clear testing roadmap. We’ll amend our approach based on the outcomes of those tests to ensure you’re constantly staying ahead of the competition.


We bring award
winning service

Don’t just take our word for it. The industry’s top professionals have recognised our work with multiple awards, including “Large Digital Agency of the Year 2023”.