Put your PPC budget in safe hands with Bring Digital, a 2024 Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Partnership agency.

Your Ads Managed by experts

At the end of the day, your PPC campaigns must have a direct and visible impact on your sales. That’s exactly what we deliver.

Our team of PPC experts have years of both agency and in-house experience, including working with fast-paced e-commerce giants such as Beauty Bay, Matalan, River Island, MyProtein, and In The Style, so you can believe us when we say: we’ve been in your shoes.

Our expert team monitor PPC campaigns on a daily basis, proactively reacting to market changes, adjusting budgets, keyword targeting and ad copy. We’re constantly testing and optimising, keeping on top of the latest industry developments, to guarantee the best results possible for our clients. That’s why we’re trusted by top brands like Cotton Traders, Slater Menswear, and Jessops.

You deserve a PPC team who will treat your paid search budget as if it were their own.

Our technologies

Search advertising is constantly evolving — and so are we. Here are the tools we use to put you ahead of the competition.


How we grow your
business with PPC

1: Immediately compete for new traffic

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Jump straight to the top of the pile with the right bidding strategy and quality score. Build up your revenue in the short term to invest in long-term marketing activity for a holistic marketing strategy.

You decide exactly who you’re targeting, where your ads are placed, and how much you’re spending. We use the latest ad technology like Search Ads 360 to keep your costs-per-acquisition (CPAs) as close as possible to your desired medium.

Controlling the terms you bid on at scale means you can capture users deeper into their buying journeys than you might with other channels like organic search or social.

Smart retargeting and display advertising keep your product or brand name in view of users until they’re ready to buy.

PPC, the
Bring Digital way

Keeping up with a fast-changing industry requires an approach that’s always effective, no matter what the market looks like. We’ve refined our approach to a tee so you can be confident you’ll get the best PPC results whenever you choose Bring Digital.

Brand immersion session

We believe the people who best understand your business are YOUR people. When you choose Bring Digital to help manage your PPC, we’ll sit down to talk with your team about your target audience, the unique challenges of your industry, and what you want most out of a successful PPC campaign. We’ll make sure you leave the room with all of your — and our — questions answered


Campaign strategy

Once we’re confident we understand your brand and your goals, we’ll get to work planning our approach. We’ll map out geographical and device-based targeting and audit your existing creative assets for Shopping and Display campaigns. We’ll also meticulously plan out any A/B tests we want to run so we can continuously improve your campaign performance.


We’ll start the work as soon as possible to get you immediate results. We’re proud of our iterative, data-led approach: it affords you maximum flexibility and keeps your brand on the front foot in your market.


We’ll also forecast our performance and adjust accordingly so you can see when you’ll start seeing the very best results. We’ll constantly be improving, but we’ll also give you a forecast of the results you can expect in the months ahead and a plan for how we’ll get there.

Our qualifications

We’re not simply self-professed experts; we’re certified to deliver industry-leading advice and strategy for even the biggest eCommerce brands. Our PPC team is certified by Google for everything from Shopping Ads to apps.

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What is PPC management?

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PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, is a paid-for option to get your website in front of users searching for your services. It’s called “pay-per-click” because you pay a fee each time a user clicks on your result.

With Bring Digital’s PPC management service, you’ll get all of those fees, bids and campaign strategies managed by certified experts. Our PPC team leverages industry insights and cutting-edge technology to drive the sales you need with the efficiency that other teams can’t.

When we manage your PPC account, we’ll minimise wasteful spending, maximise ad performance, and give you the data you need to prove to your stakeholders that it’s paying off.

We’ll agree on a set of clear KPIs with you at the beginning of each campaign so you know exactly what we’re working towards. We’ll remain as transparent as possible throughout our partnership, sharing data on conversion rates, click-through rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), and cost per acquisition (CPA) in our regular reports. We believe in accountability because we only win when we do.

We’re constantly staying abreast of the latest changes in our industry. Each member of our team has their own personal training budget, with which they’ll attend industry events and training courses. You reap the benefits of our expertise not only in your results but also with regular training opportunities with our team to enhance your own knowledge.

Our clients have varying levels of involvement, depending purely on their preferences. Some clients work very closely with us to control spend and creative on a granular level, while others are happy to let us take full control and keep them updated with regular reports. We’ll agree on your preferred level of involvement at the beginning of our working relationship so both parties know exactly what to expect.

We bring award-
winning service

Our work for clients has been recognised by industry experts as the best that agencies can offer. That’s why we’re the UK’s Large Digital Agency of the Year.