At Bring Digital, we’ve always wanted to be more than just a business. It’s been our mission since the start to support good causes far and wide.

We’re always on the lookout for new charities to support, as well as new opportunities to raise money and help spread the joy ourselves.

Today, we’re proud to say that Bring Digital is a business that has a culture of charitable giving, one that’s helping to bring about positive change in tough situations all around the country.

Why we believe in giving

When David founded Bring Digital in 2012, he and his wife Susie were already big believers in the power of charity.

So it was only natural that once Bring was established, they would channel their passion for giving through their business to create a real force for change.

“We invest in charities both with our finances and with our time,” says Susie, who has helped spearhead Bring’s charitable giving. “In the past, we’ve raised money for Lagan’s Foundation by taking on the Manchester Run, and we’ve started our own series of community events called Bring the Joy.

“Giving is now such an integral part of who we are. We regularly find new opportunities to help charities, and our people sacrifice their time and money to help make that change happen. Our employees are constantly raising awareness for new charities they’re passionate about.”

Charities we’re currently championing

Bolton Lads and Girls Club

Bolton Lads and Girls Club is one of the oldest charitable institutions in Bolton. It’s been providing a safe, supportive space for Bolton’s young people for 128 years, and continues to go from strength to strength thanks to the support of patrons throughout North West.

With help from us and thousands of others, Bolton Lads and Girls Club are able to provide counselling, mentoring and loads of fun activities for young people that deserve a break and something to feel good about.

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Fresh as a Daisy

Fresh as a Daisy is a great charity that provides monthly packs of sanitary and personal hygiene products to vulnerable women and girls in Bolton. They’re passionate about tackling the classification of women’s sanitary products as “luxury items”, which is making them an expense some women simply can’t afford.

We’re showing our support for Fresh as a Daisy by setting up donation points around our office. We’re also collecting sanitary products to drop off at Fresh as a Daisy on a monthly basis to help them ensure all women have access to basic necessities.

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Judah’s Cloud

Judah’s Cloud provides a great example of taking tragic circumstances and turning them into a force for good. It was launched after the founders’ son, Judah, was born with no heartbeat. After the birth, he was dressed in a grey sleepsuit with a smiling cloud on the front.

Now, his parents carry his memory by creating and supplying clothing to maternity units around the UK for parents to dress children that are lost before, during or shortly after birth.

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We were introduced to the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) by Hannah Davies, one of our digital outreach executives. It’s an award-winning charity designed to provide support for men in the UK who are suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide.

We run fundraising activities for CALM to help them provide the quality support they do and continue to challenge a culture that prevents men seeking help, so that more men can feel happy, confident, and calm.

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Compassion UK

Compassion helps connect people in the UK with children living in poverty around the world. It works on a sponsorship basis, where individuals and organisations can make regular donations that will go directly toward feeding and educating their sponsored child.

David and Susie sponsored Compassion children before introducing the initiative to the business. Now, Bring Digital sponsors two Compassion children: Ndiwa and Mwendo, both from Kenya.

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Macmillan provides advice, counselling and support to families that have been affected by cancer diagnoses. Through lots of hard work and some incredible stories, they’ve become one of the UK’s leading charities for cancer support.

We take part in Macmillan’s annual World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to help spread awareness of all the great work the charity is doing and raise funds to help them reach even more people.

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This is just the start

When it comes to doing good, the work is never finished, which is why we’re always on the lookout for good causes to support.

Keep an eye out for more updates from the team on new charities we’re supporting. Let’s be a force for change together!

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