Learn how Bring Digital delivered an ads campaign for renowned clothing retailer Cotton Traders that was nominated for “Best eCommerce Campaign of the Year 2023”.

The challenge

We’d seen some huge benefits when we began onboarding select clients to SA360, seeing ROI increase while boosting campaign efficiencies.

But one of our longest-standing clients, Cotton Traders, wanted to see the evidence first before committing to fully adopting SA360. We knew the potential benefits could be huge, but first, we had to prove to Cotton Traders that we knew how to mitigate the risks and drive the kind of ROI they wanted.

We had to prove to Cotton Traders that we could deliver significant improvements for them before they were ready to take the leap.

Our approach

We proposed a series of tests to demonstrate SA360’s value on a smaller scale.

These tests involved a mix of low CPA performance campaigns, high-converting bestsellers, and low-efficiency campaigns that were historically poor performers.

Our expected results from the tests were +5% CTR, +10% conversion rate, and to maintain our existing CPCs

We set everything up in SA360 and kept a close eye on the results as the campaigns evolved.

The results

The results of the tests were overwhelmingly positive. We were able to showcase the major benefits of using SA360 while proving we had the know-how to mitigate the risks.

By showing a willingness to take risks and adopting new technology for the client, we were able to help Cotton Traders achieve results that far surpassed what they could achieve on their incumbent platform.

The figures


Conversion rate


Cost per click


Cost per acquisition

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