Learn how Bring Digital supplemented Victoria Health’s existing Performance Max structure with their next-level expertise to turn revenue, sales and ROAS into the picture of health.

The challenge

Victoria Health approached Bring Digital to help them level up their paid ads.

Our PPC team had already successfully optimised the Performance Max structure to promote all health brands at a profitable ROAS. But even with a profitable campaign, the client challenged us to provide further growth.

We needed to explore ways to further maximise this performance and drive even greater results.

Our approach

First, we segregated nine of Victoria Health’s key health brands into separate campaigns based on their margin. Then, using ROAS-focused bidding strategies, we were able to maximise campaign performance for higher-margin brands and control costs for lower-margin brands.

Finally, we enhanced all campaigns with SA360 bidding strategies and custom audience signals to boost performance.

The results

The team at Victoria Health were delighted with the results Bring Digital delivered.

Not only were we able to drive significant increases in traffic to the site, but sales and revenue both grew at a rate that exceeded incremental traffic increases, boosting Victoria Health’s ROAS as a result.

The figures


PPC traffic


PPC sales


PPC revenue

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