2018 has been huge for us at Bring Digital — and November hasn’t disappointed.

The last couple of days have been a blur of glamour, glitz and elation. In just two days, the Bring Digital team travelled the country to be represented at no less than three prestigious digital marketing awards ceremonies:

  • The Northern eCommerce Awards 2018
  • The Drum Content Awards 2018
  • The CIPR PRide Awards 2018

And that’s not even the best part:


At every.

Bring Digital wins at the Northern eCommerce Awards 2018


Bring Digital wins at The Drum Content Awards 2018


Bring Digital wins at the CIPR Awards 2018

What were the awards for?

While we’ve won awards in a number of categories in the past — from Best Small Business to Most Impressive Business Growth and even Business Person of the Year (well done, David!) — this particular haul was a bit different.

Why? Because they were all for the same content marketing campaign.

Earlier this year, we collaborated with lingerie and sex toy giant Ann Summers on what was, in hindsight, a rather daring campaign. To celebrate Couple’s Appreciation Month, we challenged the public to a 30-day sex position challenge.

Some positions were easy, some were hard, and some were downright brave. But at the centre of it all was a positive message to women in the UK to feel empowered in their sex lives, because this is important to who Ann Summers is as a brand.

And, well, it really took off.

Screenshot of Ann Summers campaign on BuzzFeed
Screenshot of Ann Summers campaign in The Daily Mail
Screenshot of Ann Summers campaign in Cosmopolitan


Suddenly, we were in Cosmopolitan magazine, and then the Metro, the Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, and countless others. By the time Couple’s Appreciation Month was coming to a close, we’d featured in 89 publications, and nearly 3 million people had seen our content.

You can read the full case study here.

Why has the campaign won so many awards?

We think the best way to sum up why our Ann Summers campaign has been such a hit with the judges is to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Here’s what the judges at the CIPR Awards said about the campaign:

“Bring Digital cleverly used a creative idea, simply yet brilliantly executed, to deliver content which delivered outstanding reach and results. Walking the very fine line between shareable content and adult-only material, they secured paid, earned, owned and shared impacts with incredible success, all on a very limited budget and with mighty impressive traffic to their business website. Outstanding work!”

3 awards for Bring Digital
Our awards haul.

Naturally, we’re thrilled that our idea became such an all-out success for Ann Summers. Commenting on the win, our Head of Content Marketing Chrissy Kuharcuk said:

“We wanted to create a campaign that was entertaining and cheeky and perfectly captured the personality of Ann Summers. We had so much fun working on this content that we just knew it was going to spark some great conversations.

 “Of course, as with any campaign you create, you want it to be a success, so watching this campaign become an organic viral success was nothing short of spectacular for us. The dream for any marketer is to gain industry recognition and we’re so incredibly honoured to have won three times at three highly prestigious marketing awards.

“This is such a wonderful success for Bring Digital and I’m immensely proud of everyone who worked on the ‘30-Day Sex Position Challenge’.”

Our MD David Ingram was delighted as well.

“This campaign has been a fantastic example of what our content marketing team are best at: coming up with creative ideas that are as strategically powerful as they are enjoyable to work on.

“Winning three prestigious awards in just two days goes to show that we have one of the best content marketing teams in the country right now.”

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