Find out how our Digital PR team landed 163 relevant backlinks for energy and utilities comparison site Bionic across national and regional publications with a single campaign.

The challenge

In early 2024, Bionic presented Bring Digital with a new challenge. After another strong year working with us — one that saw record impressions and clicks generated through search engines — performance was beginning to tail off. Bionic wanted to get ahead of a potential drop in visibility with a fresh wave of authoritative organic backlinks to their site.

Our Digital PR team identified that the best way to generate relevant links was to leverage Bionic’s position as one of the UK’s leading experts in energy bills. Despite a largely B2B target market, Bionic saw great success with content that addressed common consumer concerns about energy bills and payments. 

This strategy would allow them to target sites with high credibility, large readerships, and high domain ratings, helping build on Bionic’s domain rating, organic visibility in SERPs and brand awareness.

Our approach

The team spotted a story that broke on the BBC about a man being charged £244,000 for his energy bill. As one of Bionic’s specialist niches is energy bill support, they knew immediately that this would be a great newsjacking opportunity. 

As well as using expert commentary, already on file from previous reactive work, the team also drafted an up-to-date comment on the steps you should take if you feel like you’ve been given an inaccurate energy bill. to support the wider “news jack” piece and ensure relevance. The comment was attributed to an expert spokesperson to add authority to the claims.

After this, the team created a targeted media list consisting of personal finance and energy consumer journalists and distributed the expert commentary to each of these contacts just hours after the story broke. 

The results

This reactive work landed us a total of 163 links spanning both national and regional publications. Coverage hits include The Express, Daily Record and Birmingham Mail. The team also exceeded the client’s monthly link target by a whopping 434%

This was the highest number of links gained for Bionic in a single month throughout their retainer.

Like with any quick-fire reactive work, the main challenge was having to potentially compete with other businesses who may be writing up similar comments. However, thanks to the team’s rapid work, they managed to cut through the noise and land results.”

Leila McGrorty, Senior Digital PR Executive

Bring Digital

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