Learn how Bring Digital delivered an SEO-led web migration for cookware retailer CookServeEnjoy and secured a nomination for “Best SEO Campaign 2023”.

The challenge

In 2022, our client CookServeEnjoy came to us with a unique challenge related to their sister brand, Kitchen Craft.

Kitchen Craft, a brochure site, needed to rank for crucial commercial terms. While it ranked for plenty of informational terms, they weren’t driving the desired transactional outcomes. 

The objective was clear: Shift the rankings from non-commercial to key commercial terms within a more transactional framework.

Our approach

Our SEO team decided to migrate and redirect relevant content from the passive Kitchen Craft site to the active Cook Serve Enjoy website. Doing so preserved the domain’s equity, turning those previous informational rankings into transactional ones for

When planning the migration, we considered the different needs of each site’s audience. CookServeEnjoy had a small following of home cooks interested in new recipes. At the same time, KitchenCraft was an established brand with a loyal following among serious cooks.

To meet the needs of KitchenCraft’s customers, we preserved the high-quality brand assets from the brochure site while integrating CookServeEnjoy’s modern checkout process and user-friendly layout.

“Incorporating those scattered microsites under the Shopify umbrella was a complex puzzle, merging different brand elements that led to handling hundreds of redirects. But we thrive on challenges. We dove right in, conducted a comprehensive redirect audit, and managed to untangle the web of issues within just 24 hours. It’s all about finding solutions and making things work.”

Ryan White, Head of SEO

The results

This migration optimised the website for better search visibility and significantly boosted traffic and revenue.

And it wasn’t an isolated event. We also exceeded link-building targets (145% to target). We also ran a Paid Social campaign that generated a 67% increase in sales and an 18% increase in ROAS, as measured by Google Analytics.

“Our tech team has collectively worked on hundreds of different web migration projects. The SEO foundations can be neglected so easily, with serious consequences. That’s why successful migrations like the one we executed for CookServeEnjoy—built on core SEO principles—always feel like a major win for us. They set up our clients for success and keep them ahead of the competition.

Michael Scowcroft, SEO Director

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