Against a tight deadline and well-established competitors, the Bring Digital team were able to deliver the goods for DW Sports over the 2017 Black Friday weekend.

In late 2017, DW Fitness First came to us with a big task that needed to be delivered fast.

Their online retail brand,, needed help to prepare for Black Friday, which was only days away. The previous Black Friday weekend had seen an uplift in traffic of 220%, so the potential for the site to perform even better this time around was palpable.

However, one problem stood in their way. Their shopping feed was in need of an upgrade; it was being run manually in-house with limited resource and could only cater for up to 70 products at a time. This not only meant that most products were missing from the shopping feed, but that listings also contained outdated information.

Needless to say, there was plenty that needed to be done.

The brief

The objective for the client was clear: drive as much additional revenue as possible over the Black Friday weekend.

To do so, we proposed rebuilding the shopping feed from the ground up to optimise it for new shoppers and drive plenty of additional sales while shoppers were searching frantically for great deals. This would require setting up a data feed first with Productsup before crawling the DW Sports website to fill in any missing gaps, like SKU, colour or sizes available.

Normally, we would require at least a month to implement such a significant change. Instead, we only had a few days.

Thankfully, we were up for the challenge.

The results

After hours of intensive work, we got the new shopping feed live by the agreed deadline, which felt like an achievement in itself.

But that was only the beginning.

Here’s what we were able to deliver for the DW Sports website despite the extremely tough deadline:

– 66% of the monthly shopping feed revenue target was hit on Black Friday alone, far exceeding the client’s expectations.

– The cost of sale dropped drastically, falling from 140% to 25% by the end of the weekend.

– Cost per acquisition plummeted by 71%.

By the time the Black Friday weekend was over, the shopping feed had accounted for 18% of total site revenue!

And it didn’t stop there.

In the weeks following Black Friday, the new shopping feed campaign has continued to improve. In December, cost percentage dropped even further to just 22%, while cost per acquisition fell by another 16%.

Let us exceed your expectations

The new shopping feed for DW Sports was a roaring success, but it’s just one example of how the team at Bring Digital have defied the odds to produce great results.

Get in touch with us today to find out what your big success story could look like.

Jonny Taylor