Bring Digital’s SEO team rolled out the red carpet for The Rug Company, seamlessly restoring their search visibility following a challenging website migration.

The challenge

In early 2024, The Rug Company wanted to migrate to BigCommerce, a market-leading enterprise eCommerce platform that would allow them to significantly improve their efficiencies.

However, miscalculations in their initial setup put them on the back foot, with search visibility plummeting to nearly zero almost overnight.

We quickly got to work.

Our approach

We started immediately with a full technical audit of the site that examined the entire international setup established as part of the original migration.

We spotted three key opportunities to return The Rug Company to its position at the top of the SERPs for target terms. First, we simplified hreflang annotations into catch-all annotations to reduce key errors.

Then we improved the domain structure by making the original .com domain the x-default and US-targeted site, with exception rules for European countries and the UK.

Finally, we improved country-specific pop-ups and user redirects to prevent forced redirections.

The results

Thanks to the hard work of our SEO team, The Rug Company returned to—and soon exceeded—pre-migration traffic levels within six weeks.

Not only did they see a 1,177% increase in indexed pages on the site, but this translated to an 88% increase in traffic. They even ranked #1 for the search term “rugs,” one of their highest-priority target terms.

The figures





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