Helping UCLan Graduate to GA4 with Distinction

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Client UCLan




The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) approached Bring Digital in Spring 2023 as a potential partner to help them launch GA4. The July deadline for sites to migrate from the more traditional version of Google Analytics — or “Universal Analytics” (UA) — loomed large, and the team at UCLan wanted to improve the quality of the data they were capturing from their initial attempt at a GA4 migration.

Bring Digital had the skills and experience necessary to meet UCLan’s brief. Once class was in session, they’d see to it that UCLan’s marketing team passed with flying colours.

To deliver what they needed, we first audited their existing implementations of Google Tag Manager, Universal Analytics (UA), and GA4. We then began making any necessary fixes and changes to their tags while updating their GA4 tags to address reporting issues spotted in the audits. We also delivered several face-to-face workshops and presentations to ensure they could answer any questions UCLan’s in-house marketing team had, from advice on cookies to compliance testing.

The upgraded analytics suite allowed UCLan to crucial factors impacting both student and staff behaviour, as the site is used by thousands of cohorts, all with different intents. Stakeholders across UCLan are now able to get the insights they need to make informed decisions at a moment’s notice.

“The brief we gave to Bring Digital was simple: we wanted to track everything. They delivered that and more. Not only is their GA4 setup incredibly clean with minimal data loss, but they were also incredibly helpful when we had questions and made every accommodation to ensure UCLan was fully equipped to make the most of GA4 after the project had ended. We’re hugely grateful that they went the extra mile.”

Dena Salthouse

SEO Analyst, UCLan


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